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Mr Chews


If you haven’t heard of Mr Chews Asian Beaver you must be living under a rock. For the past four and a half years Mr Chews has been cranking out videos of the Industries hottest Asians like Heather Havoc above. Sure it is the watered down American version but isn’t everything these days?

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Asian Baby Makers


Sure, it looks painful but trust me… Asian babes like getting piped from the back. Seriously, they live for this shit.

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Teens From Tokyo

Asian girl in bath sex

One of the best qualities Japanese teens have is that they look young seemingly forever. A girl can hit twenty-five and still look like an eighteen year old.

Possessing this quality means the young ones look even younger. This Japanese girl reminds me of my first bath with a girl after figuring out what sex is.

Episodes at Teens From Tokyo include lots of Cosplpay (uniforms and costumes) including Sailor Moon.

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G-Queen – Japanese Girls Kissing

It has been said that girls know how to excite girls the best and from what I have seen here at G-Queen I am inclined to believe it.

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