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Use The Tools Provided By Alan Henning To Fuck Hot Asian Teens

use the tools provided by allan henning to fuck hot babes

I grew up in a small town in the middle of America. We had like three or four Mexican kids, one African-American and one Asian boy in our school. The idea of banging Asian girls never really occurred to me. It wasn’t until I went to high school and had a Korean teacher that looked like she was a student that I started wondering what it would be like to sink your cock into some Asian teens pussy.

Once I graduated I joined the Air Force and got stationed in Korea. It was like dying and going to heaven for me. There were hundreds of Asian schoolgirls to choose from. They all loved that I was American and they all wanted to fuck me.

When I got back to the states it wasn’t so easy to keep that steady flow of Asian teens going. The girls here didn’t care that I was American. There are millions of white guys in the USA. Why give a shit about one of them?

A friend I was stationed with named Allan Henning created a site called Amateur Match where guys could find girls they wanted to fuck. It was perfect for me. You will enjoy this site. You can chat it up with hundreds of Asian teens in your area and eventually you will find a dozen that want to fuck your white cock!

Objective Asian Porn Site Reviews

Asian porn site reviews

When ever I read Asian porn site reviews I am disappointed because it seems the owner is more interested in selling me any porn site, more than they are interested in actually doing good quality reviews. You can tell when you are on one of those kinds of sites because it seems every site is 95+ out of 100.

Porn Tips is a different kind of adult review site. They tell it like it is and if a site doesn’t meet their impeccable standards they don’t pull any punches. With full reviews of a sites members area you can buy with confidence. There are times that I buy a membership to sites they might have given a score of 72 or less. I can because I know why they scored it lower and the content inside the members area is still worth the price of admission.

Get your next Asian porn site review from Porn Tips and know that their recommendations are safe with your best interest at heart.

The Ultimate Asian Teen Sex Site


Everybody with a cock and a pulse would find a Japanese schoolgirl to their liking. So why not create a site totally devoted to them? Or better yet, how about adding in schoolgirls from all over the Pacific Rim? Then have them giving rim jobs? It gets better!

Schoolgirls Asia has the hottest girls and many of them are total noobies to doing porn. If you were to join only one Asian site from now until the end of the year make it this one. You won’t be sorry. That is for sure.

No other site has as many barely legal schoolgirls to make your mouth water and your cock bleed gobs of hot sticky cum. Take the tour and jump in!

Asian Schoolgirl


This little Asian schoolgirl has brought her homework home with her. She has always had a big crush on her teacher and he suggested she touch herself and think of him before they did anything. If she orgasmed they could be together. If she didn’t then she would know it wasn’t meant to be.

As a gift he gave her a pink vibrator and told her she could use it even when she wasn’t thinking about having his cock inside her. Sevil (aka Asa Ksu) thought this was very nice of him. She pledged to herself that she would use it and think only of him for at least a year.

Sure enough little Sevil did have an orgasm. It was bigger than any orgasm she has ever had before. She returned to the school and informed her teacher of what had happened while she thought about his big cock inside her tight pussy. She saw that his cock was getting hard inside his pants.

They set up a date to meet and Sevil masturbated at least twice a day, sometimes three times a day, for the week leading up to their meet.

Because this Asian schoolgirl was using her new vibrator several times a day his cock worked its way up inside her pussy with no problems. It was much longer than her dildo and it felt nice and warm inside her.

It didn’t take long for both of them to cum and she was scared because she didn’t want to get pregnant. He let her know that his tubes were tied so they could fuck as much and as often as she wanted and she wouldn’t get pregnant.

Soon they were fucking two to three times a day, but that didn’t stop Sevil from using her dildo at least once. Just as she had pledged she always thought of her school teacher!

Get the video at Club Seventeen and find out just how horny little Asian schoolgirls get when they are experimenting with sex.

Me and My Asian – High School Teen


  I’ve been looking at porn for quite sometime, and I like most people in the world I like a beautiful woman.  Especially Asian Teens, but looking at sights with doctored  up photos becomes old.  I sure don’t understand it myself, someone tell me how looking at perfect Asian Teens gets old, but since there is the zero to no chance that you would ever be able to actually fuck an Asian Teen that hot the reality overcomes the fantasy. 

  I believe that the harsh reality that you will never bang one of these Asian Teens, and that you are stuck with the pig next to you will break even the strongest spirit.  That is where the reality part comes in and the reason why sites like Me an My Asian are becoming more popular than the traditional sites.  It has pictures of your neighbor, your neighbors daughter, the chick at Star Bucks.  In other words, more chicks you won’t bang but you at least see them in person and the belief that you could get them drunk or high and get lucky is back in play.    

  So if you are ready to experience pictures and movies  of real girls and not doctored up plastic dolls, then go to Me and My Asian and enjoy having sex with that hog you sleep with every night again.  Who knows, maybe you will see your neighbors daughter and have something to hold over her, you don’t want you daddy to know do you is a good opener to get what you want.

My Cute Asian – Massage Chick

mycuteasian_12  OK, I am now jealous, this is my massage girl.  I go see her every other pay day, she swears she loves me.  Look, I know she tells 100’s of other guys the same thing, but until some mother fucker put her on My Cute Asian it never really bugged me. 

I enjoy reality porn as much as the next guy, reality is taking over the television air waves and the internet.  I get it I have been looking at sites like Me and My Asian in hopes of seeing some chick I know.  How awesome would it be to see your co-worker on the internet, you mention you saw it and would never dream of telling anyone, especially if you two did the same thing that you saw on the internet.

Well it wasn’t until I saw my special little massage girl on the internet at My Cute Asian that it bothered me.  Now truly, I will get over it and I can take solace in the fact that even though I am fatter than that bastard on the video, my dick is much larger.  I am amazed he is touching the sides with that little thing he is trying to pass for a penis.

So if you are prepared to possibly get your feelings hurt I suggest that you go to My Cute Asian today, because up until I saw my little massage girl I was having the time of my life.

Me and My Asian – First Time Doggy


OK, I know the video quality isn’t that great for this site.  But the fact that Me and My Asian only has shows submissions from people like you and me makes this even more intriguing.

At Me and My Asian you get pictures that are better quality than 9 what you see on the videos.  But remember these are actually Asian Teens that you may come across walking down the street.  With the ever improving picture quality on cell phones in the not too distant future I would expect the photo’s and videos on this site to really improve, I for one am going to be there when it does.  I am not going to be the only one who hasn’t seen that spicy little Asian Teen from the local coffee shop getting fucked for the world to see.

So if you like little Asian teens getting it doggy style for the first time, you need to visit Me and My Asian.  You won’t find a better real submissions site dedicated to our beloved Asian Teens.

Sex Asian 18 – Ai Kurosawa


Wow, I came across this picture and paused.  Then said wow and I came across this picture

Ai Kurosawa is a beautiful Asian teen that can capture the imagination.  She has a beautiful face, perfect tits and eyes that will make you cum across any picture.

Lucky for you unimaginative fellas out there, she is also on Video’s at Sex Asian 18 that leave nothing for interpretation or imagination.  Watch as she performs felatio on the luckiest bastard in the world.  Back to my unimaginative friends, felatio = sucking cock.  Yeah Bouy!!!

Sex Asian 18 Home of AV Idols… Beautiful sexy Japanese model’s… Hardcore adult movie and photos…  With over 4000 DVD quality movies and more than 300 high quality galleries. How can you go wrong, go cum across Ai Kurosawa today.

Unseen Japan – Japanese Nurse


I saw this Japanese nurse and almost jumped off my roof, I never wanted to be injured so bad in my life.  Luckily, I remembered that all I have to do is join Unseen Japan.

Unseen Japan has the most innocent looking Asian Teens around, there is a huge mixture of Japanese girls in these pictures.  I have never seen so many Asian beauties with large natural breasts and fantastic asses in my life.

So if you are tired of Watching all the same Low Quality Asian pics over and over again? Unseen Japan has tons of the Highest Quality Japanese pictures ready for you to download inside! Members get Access to Over 800 gigs of highest quality Japanese porn content. Come to look and see why Japanese Girls are the Hottest in the World!

Asian DVD Pass


So a friend of mine is into Asian sites and he asks me if I know how to get free porn. I say sure, go to a tube site and he says, “Dude, have you ever watched their videos? They are grainier than shit!”

Then I remember Asian DVD pass. They give you unrestricted access to their entire collection of Asian DVDs. There are no download limits and they have multiple servers throughout the world so your streams are glitch free and your downloads are lightning fast.

So what is the catch? There is no catch. They use your credit card to verify your age. That’s it! Just make sure while you are signing up to UNCHECK the pre-checked boxes at the bottom of the signup form.202

What are the boxes for? To sort of “silently” sell you memberships to other sites. I guess that is how they pay for the fact you are downloading a shitload of their porn with your Asian DVD Pass.

So there you have it. A perfectly legal way to get Asian DVD quality porn for free!



The Japanese are leaders in innovation. Here they have come up with yet another use for the labia majors of this girls vagina. I didn’t even know they had spaghetti noodles in Japan!

G-Queen is the premier source for shaved Japanese girls. Make that, anyone into shaved pussy. The girls at G-Queen.com either shave or wax their vaginas smooth as silk and let the camera man do some pretty perverted things to them.

This is one of those sites you go to if you have a fascination with the female form. If you ever played with a pussy and found yourself mesmerized you will feel like a kid in a candy store!

Everything is 100% original and downloadable at G-Queen. Just about the only thing I haven’t figured out is what Mumo Sengen means. Feel free to enlighten me in the comments section. Is it the man behind the camera? Japanese for shaved pussy? What???

The price to get into the members area is a bit high. The trade off is that you get an unbelievable amount of content. Both the pics and the videos are very high quality and detailed. Girls play with themselves, pull their panties into their pussies, stick just about every object from the kitchen, bathroom and garage into their shaved pussies.

In some of the videos things get a little more hardcore. There are also lesbian videos.

Almost every model does several videos so if you find a favorite you get to enjoy 5 or 6 videos and picture sets of her. I was able to find about 15 girls that blew my mind and my load away, plus 30 more where the videos content was enough to overshadow the fact that the girl was average looking.

Another question: Do girls really like having their shaved pussies slapped until they are a pinkish-red and puffy? Seemed to happen a lot at G-Queen. I am not complaining, the end result was nice to look at. I tried it on my girlfriend and it turns out she didn’t find it too enjoyable. But then she isn’t Japanese.

Take the tour and watch some of the trailers. Truly amazing stuff!

Girl 2 School Girl


Finally, someone makes a website that features the three hottest niches in the world. All rolled into one.

But wait! There is more!

Not only do you get Girl2SchoolGirl.com with your membership you also get access to their other sites as well!

Girl 2 School Girl follows the lives of Asian schoolgirls that can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other. In one of the sweetest sites ever you get Asian schoolgirls, lesbians and barely legal all at the same time.

The other sites deal with handjobs, footjobs, ladyboys, Asian handjobs, tickling, Thai hardcore, fucked tits, anal daughters and gag a gay. BTW, if you are bi-curios or gay you should be at HeatWaveMen.com.

Take the trial for $2.95 and see if you like it. If not, cancel. Anyone into Thai babes, especially young ones, will find this password a keeper!


It never ceases to amaze me how bitchy and whiny Japanese women can get when you tie them up and put a ball in their mouths. Sheesh. You would think they had never been tied up and spanked before!

JAV Now is home to thousands of Japanese Adult Videos. Every movie is shot by the Japanese, for the Japanese. We get to come along for the ride… and what a ride it is.

Along with the movies you get 100% uncensored pics. High quality pics so you can zoom into those upskirt panty shots!

Everything at JAV Now is categorized so you can find what you want fast. There are 58 categories to choose from and hundreds of models. It is possible to surf the model directory in search of your favorites.

You have tried the rest, now try the best!

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Maria Ozawa

An AV Idol from mixed races Maria Ozawa has a beauty that is undeniably exotic. Her mother is Japanese and her father is French-Canadian. Her body is a perfect blend of Japanese curves in Anglo sizes.

Maria Ozawa became interested in sex early on and bought herself the book of sexual positions. She mastered them all and started her AV career in 2005. Only three short years later she is one of the top searched for AV models of all time!

Along with adult video success Maria has enjoyed much success in the mainstream market too. She has appeared on Japanese MTV and in the videos of hip hop musicians.

You can watch Maria Ozawa’s videos and the videos of hundreds more actresses on the JSex Network. The JSexNetwork is a one top shop for all things Japanese from glamour to the most intensely hardcore. The JSex Network updates multiple times daily and is so big that you will spend all of your free time exploring what they already have and often forget about the updates!