Have A Sex Party With Horny Twin Tranny Chat Hosts

Have A Sex Party With Horny Twin Tranny Chat Hosts

I have seen it all now. Twin tranny chat hosts? Really? I would say that I cannot believe it if it weren’t for the fact that I saw it with my own eyes. I am pretty sure these girls are hanging out in some Asian country and not America because I don’t think it is legal for them to 69 each other like they do on cam!

I will tell you one thing though. They put on a very hot show! Watch 02LovelyTranss make a boring night into a grandiose sex party!

There are thousands of live cams on the TrannyWebcam.net network. Most are from Asian as it seems their ladyboys are all the rage right now. But you can pick from one of the many thousands of tranny cam girls on TrannyWebcam.net!

Tia Ling Lesbian Forced Sex


You really have to give it to those crazy Asians when it comes to torture and domination. Now that World War II, Korea and Vietnam are in the rear view mirror and fading over the horizon Asians have turned their focus over to torturous force sex. Good job, guys! Ahem… and ladies!

In this Tia Ling forced lesbian sex video you get to see her getting told what to do. She plays the part of a submissive Asian fuck slut so fucking well.

Tia Ling updates her site weekly and keeps things very kinky. Each and every video can be downloaded or streamed. I prefer to go incognito with my browser in "do not track" mode. Then I stream them so that my wife doesn’t find them!

My Cute Asian – Bangin Cutie


Remember these days, banging some nice looking little Asian teen on your parents, or any teen for that matter.  You felt like you were the king of the world.  I told My Cute Asian teen partner that my parents would be gone for a while, little did i know they forgot something.

It is by far one of the most awkward and awesome experiences at the time. Your mom caught you fucking a cute Asian teen on the couch, 2 weeks straight of over cleaning that spot you were on was her therapy.  My dad looked at My Cute Asian and was both excited because he now has the visual confirmation that you are not gay, but he also got a new visual to get him through those coming days of banging your mom.  My mom thought Soon Ye was just some pet name my day came up with.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her…    

So now that the folks caught us she is too embarrassed to look at your mom and your dad has become sort of a stalker, always trying to catch me undressing My Cute Asian friend.  So then it’s over, she can’t handle it no more…  So what do you do now? Being that I am no longer the young chiseled young man I once was, I go to My Cute Asian and have now given my chick a new pet name “Cum Soon”.  See you there.

Oriental Orgy – Kaiya Blow Job


Kaiya hot little Asian chick gives hot blow job at Oriental Orgy, but honestly this is her sexiest pose.  But I still would fuck the shit out of her.

Oriental Orgy fucking beautiful Asian Teen Faces from around the Orient.  Kaiya gives one awesome blow job, but you have to watch this little Asian teen work off that baby fat by taking a cock in her ass.

You can see Kaiya and several other sexy little Asian Teens at Oriental Orgy, be sure to try the 3 day trial period for only $1.85.  This is a steal, and will allow you to test drive the site before you buy.

Teen Filipina – Jenna – Handjob


So I was chilling at work in the break room and notice several of my colleagues are huddled around a guy on a laptop. I go over there to check it out and the gallery above is what he has on his computer. He is going on and on about how taking trips to the Philippines is the next best thing since sliced bread.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why. This girl looks younger than most of the girls I dated back in high school. He claims they get even younger than this.

One of the guys says he can’t afford a trip to the Philippines and he can’t get that kind’a time away from his wife. Nor can he hide that kind’a expense from her neither.

For guys like him the answer was staring him right in the face. All he has to do is join Teen Filipina and he can watch all of the Asian handjobs he wants!

Teen Filipina is one of the fastest growing Asian sites on the net because they update daily and these girls like to fuck like rabbits. They also like to swing from the ceiling like monkeys!

There are literally dozens of girls at Teen Filipina and not one of them is shy about doing porn. One on one, threesomes, foursomes, lesbian, solo, they have it all!

Club Thai Chix


Anyone mind if we make it Thai tonight? I didn’t think so. Thai it is and this one is a cutie. Her name is Jennifer Lee and she is wearing the tradition Thai lingerie a woman wears when she wants to get kinky. Want to join her? I figured as much…

Jennifer is just one of the hundreds of Thai models that have either posed for pictures or have made hardcore videos for Club Thai Chix. One thing that sets this site apart is the quality. While this site has an English version it was originally made for Thai men who are particular about quality.

The videos are crystal clear and the photography matches Playboy both artistically and in its ability to capture each models beauty.

The girls have biographies so you can get to know them better and there is a message board to ask questions. Girls do softcore, semi-nude, nude, hardcore and lesbian videos. It is like getting several sites for the price of one.

Speaking of prices. You cannot beat $16.95 a month. Most sites charge $30 per month, this place gives you two months for that price!

Thai Chix is your new home for babes from Thailand!

Tera Patrick


Born an army brat, Tera Patrick is half Thai and half all-American which makes her one hell of an exotic hottie! It’s strange. You can take a butt ugly white dude and pair him up with a beer-goggles Asian woman and the kids all end up looking like super models!

Tera Patrick has been a very busy woman. She has appeared in countless porn movies both for DVD and the Internet. (you mean there is a difference?) She has posed for Playboy and Penthouse. She was on the cover of FHM and produces Genesis magazine, “The Home of Porn’s Hottest Stars.”

When she isn’t appearing between the pages of a magazine or on screen taking a hard cock, Tera is keeping busy with appearances on the Howard Stern Show and Adam Carolla’s radio show. She appears in rap videos, does voice over work for naughty cartoons and does both a webcast of her own and Playboy TV’s erotic instructional show, School of Sex.

With so much going on with this Asian porn stars life you might be wondering, “When will this lady have time for me?”

The answer to that question is three to four times a week. She updates her site with new pics and at least two new videos every week. Plus, she does event appearances where you can meet her and take some naughty pics of your own!

Soon Tera Patrick will be doing live shows so you can get naughty with her on a weekly basis.

There is already so much Tera Patrick content in her members area the $29.95 a month price is plenty justified. But… Rhino’s Asians doesn’t think you should have to pay full price. So on the join page just enter the promo code “A3X816S” and you get 50% off!

And that is not all. Members of Tera Patrick also get access to sixteen more red hot porn sites featuring some of the biggest names in porn!

Take the tour, check the join page. See all that this membership has to offer and don’t forget your promo code!

Asian DVD Pass


So a friend of mine is into Asian sites and he asks me if I know how to get free porn. I say sure, go to a tube site and he says, “Dude, have you ever watched their videos? They are grainier than shit!”

Then I remember Asian DVD pass. They give you unrestricted access to their entire collection of Asian DVDs. There are no download limits and they have multiple servers throughout the world so your streams are glitch free and your downloads are lightning fast.

So what is the catch? There is no catch. They use your credit card to verify your age. That’s it! Just make sure while you are signing up to UNCHECK the pre-checked boxes at the bottom of the signup form.202

What are the boxes for? To sort of “silently” sell you memberships to other sites. I guess that is how they pay for the fact you are downloading a shitload of their porn with your Asian DVD Pass.

So there you have it. A perfectly legal way to get Asian DVD quality porn for free!

Girl 2 School Girl


Finally, someone makes a website that features the three hottest niches in the world. All rolled into one.

But wait! There is more!

Not only do you get Girl2SchoolGirl.com with your membership you also get access to their other sites as well!

Girl 2 School Girl follows the lives of Asian schoolgirls that can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other. In one of the sweetest sites ever you get Asian schoolgirls, lesbians and barely legal all at the same time.

The other sites deal with handjobs, footjobs, ladyboys, Asian handjobs, tickling, Thai hardcore, fucked tits, anal daughters and gag a gay. BTW, if you are bi-curios or gay you should be at HeatWaveMen.com.

Take the trial for $2.95 and see if you like it. If not, cancel. Anyone into Thai babes, especially young ones, will find this password a keeper!

Nyomi Marcela

Asians are so fucking adorable… Well, the chicks anyway. They look like coeds until they are forty. They get nastier than white girls do. Put two of them together are you have an Asian combo no man in his right mind could ever pass up.

As if watching Indonesian Nyomi Marcela wasn’t hot enough she brought her friend Teanna Kai along for the ride. I have seen Nyomi ram many a cock down her throat and stroke many a cock so hard – no amount of lube would prevent speed burns. Seeing her a little softer with her soft friend is a real treat.

Nyomi has a twin-fucking-sister named Jade Marcela. When you get your access to NyomiMarcela.com you get to see her share the screen with her twin!

Nyomi Marcela does solo masturbation, girl/girl and girl/boy, along with group sex. Her site is the official place to find all of her content under one roof.

As a member you get weekly updates of pictures and videos and Nyomi does web cam shows for her members too. Those are free and you get to tell this Asian bombshell what to do!

Isis Lee

Finally an Asian girl that knows why men go to the Pacific Rim for vacations sans the wife. Isis Lee just tapped into every man’s fantasy from the Orient.

Isis Lee is an ex-catholic schoolgirl with an exhibitionist steak. She has come to embrace her taboo side and has no qualms about posting it on the Internet for all to see. Hey, it’s not all bad! She is making a killing (money wise) doing it!

When it comes to Asian pussy I am kind of a stickler for it being white girl pink. I know… I know! I am a fucking pussy… Literally… I suck and I am not true to the Asian niche… What ever!

Isis Lee has one fine pink pussy. You can get a good look at it in the Isis Lee videos above. With her bald pussy and small boobs she really sets the banging a girl in Asia fantasy on fire!

Unlike most Asian solo models Isis Lee obviously does hardcore. There is a lot of softcore stuff in the pictures section too for those guys into the car show cuties look. Short mini’s covering butt floss sized gstrings… etc…

Isis updates her site weekly and does cam shows. You can contact her in her private message forum once you sign up. Imagine that. A 1 on 1 session with a porn star!

Maria Ozawa

An AV Idol from mixed races Maria Ozawa has a beauty that is undeniably exotic. Her mother is Japanese and her father is French-Canadian. Her body is a perfect blend of Japanese curves in Anglo sizes.

Maria Ozawa became interested in sex early on and bought herself the book of sexual positions. She mastered them all and started her AV career in 2005. Only three short years later she is one of the top searched for AV models of all time!

Along with adult video success Maria has enjoyed much success in the mainstream market too. She has appeared on Japanese MTV and in the videos of hip hop musicians.

You can watch Maria Ozawa’s videos and the videos of hundreds more actresses on the JSex Network. The JSexNetwork is a one top shop for all things Japanese from glamour to the most intensely hardcore. The JSex Network updates multiple times daily and is so big that you will spend all of your free time exploring what they already have and often forget about the updates!

Caribbeancom – JAV Extreme!

If that isn’t a reason to turn Japanese I don’t know what is. The people at Caribbeancom make Japanese Adult Videos of many different Asian theme niches. Any fan of JAV will instantly fall in love with the quality and quantity this site offers.

Sure there are dozens of dogs at Caribbeancom, but there are also literally 100’s of hot Japanese porn stars. I had no idea Japan had such a thriving porn star industry. For such a small collection of islands the girls at Caribbeancom are pretty diverse.

The Japanese cutie above is Hikaru Houduki. There are six videos at Caribbeancom featuring her. Each one covers a different niche and the largest is 1.45GBs! I hope you have a fiber optic Internet connection like I do because this site almost demands it! Her smallest movie is still quite large at 622MBs.

Each video at Caribbeancom can be downloaded or streamed. You can choose a lower quality stream if you are on DSL or cable. Files can also be viewed in 10 to 15 minute chunks and each chunk comes with several preview thumbs so you can skip to the good parts. Nice!

The categories are too numerous to list here but include the ever popular Japanese schoolgirls, Titty Fuck, Cum Swallowing, Insult, Gangbang, Costume Play, Golden Shower, Shaved Pussy and many, many more.

In all there are over 2,900 full length videos to watch and/or download. Each movie is rated by the members so you can find the cream of the crop pretty quick and steer clear of the dogs without missing a beat.

When the Rhino wants real Japanese porn he finds it at Caribbeancom.com!

G-Queen – Japanese Girls Kissing

It has been said that girls know how to excite girls the best and from what I have seen here at G-Queen I am inclined to believe it.

Watching hot teens kissing is great. Watching Japanese girls kissing is the icing on the cake. Two girls who’s lives are dedicated to the service of others, servicing each other! Totally worth the price of admission.

G-Queen finds the hottest Japanese teens and either shaves or waxes their pussies bare. Then they play with them in devious ways only a pervert could dream up.

Some girls have lesbian scenes and others go solo. Even going solo isn’t totally solo because a finger explores her shaved pussy in point of view style. You really get a sense that you are the perverted guy doing “things” to her.

Things can include rubbing her nubile pussy, using vibrators, spanking her pussy and more. You name it and G-Queen is doing it. Pretty crazy really!