Tia Ling Lesbian Forced Sex


You really have to give it to those crazy Asians when it comes to torture and domination. Now that World War II, Korea and Vietnam are in the rear view mirror and fading over the horizon Asians have turned their focus over to torturous force sex. Good job, guys! Ahem… and ladies!

In this Tia Ling forced lesbian sex video you get to see her getting told what to do. She plays the part of a submissive Asian fuck slut so fucking well.

Tia Ling updates her site weekly and keeps things very kinky. Each and every video can be downloaded or streamed. I prefer to go incognito with my browser in "do not track" mode. Then I stream them so that my wife doesn’t find them!

Tera Lee


Damn that is one fine ass Filipina! More than just an Asian porn star, this hot Asian is an artist. Her body is a work of art. She is smart. She is sexy. She is… Tera Lee!

You can have Tara Lee sway that sexy booty of hers for you during her weekly web cam chats. She has a thing for playing dress-up and getting kinky! As a member you also get to see her sister Keira Lee and seven of her friends performing on their web cams!

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Joon Mali : Bubble Butt Asian Teen


The honest to God truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of teen solo models out there, but only a select few of them are Asian. Joon Mali is one of those few and her bubble butt and her camel toe pussy have standing out above the rest!

It takes a very nice and very puffy pussy to suck a pair of thick shorts into it. Joon Mali has been making it a signature of her work to sport a camel toe in just about every picture shoot and video on her site!

Her fleshy butt is like a paradox. While it is fleshy and bubbly it is also hard as a rock. The kind of thing you normally see on black babes sporting an ass more like a shelf to place your beer on!

JoonMali.com updates three times a week and if you think she looks young now, you should see her first dozen sets!

My Cute Asian – Bangin Cutie


Remember these days, banging some nice looking little Asian teen on your parents, or any teen for that matter.  You felt like you were the king of the world.  I told My Cute Asian teen partner that my parents would be gone for a while, little did i know they forgot something.

It is by far one of the most awkward and awesome experiences at the time. Your mom caught you fucking a cute Asian teen on the couch, 2 weeks straight of over cleaning that spot you were on was her therapy.  My dad looked at My Cute Asian and was both excited because he now has the visual confirmation that you are not gay, but he also got a new visual to get him through those coming days of banging your mom.  My mom thought Soon Ye was just some pet name my day came up with.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her…    

So now that the folks caught us she is too embarrassed to look at your mom and your dad has become sort of a stalker, always trying to catch me undressing My Cute Asian friend.  So then it’s over, she can’t handle it no more…  So what do you do now? Being that I am no longer the young chiseled young man I once was, I go to My Cute Asian and have now given my chick a new pet name “Cum Soon”.  See you there.

Hot Teen Asian – Achara


Don’t ask why, but I all of a sudden feel like making a salad.  I wonder of Achara needs some help slicing that cucumber.  She is one Hot Asian Teen  and I would love to offer her something other than a cucumber.

Achara is a nasty innocent, her face and petitte body look of an innocent Hot Asian Teen.  But that tattoo on her titty says fuck me with your cucumber man beast.  Ho did she know they had to surgically replace my cock with that of a horse…  Spooky…

Anyway Hot Teen Asian has been recently revamped and I for one could not be happier.  So go check out their new site since it is nothing like the old site and spank away, Achara is waiting for you to bite her cucumber.

My Cute Asian – Massage Chick

mycuteasian_12  OK, I am now jealous, this is my massage girl.  I go see her every other pay day, she swears she loves me.  Look, I know she tells 100’s of other guys the same thing, but until some mother fucker put her on My Cute Asian it never really bugged me. 

I enjoy reality porn as much as the next guy, reality is taking over the television air waves and the internet.  I get it I have been looking at sites like Me and My Asian in hopes of seeing some chick I know.  How awesome would it be to see your co-worker on the internet, you mention you saw it and would never dream of telling anyone, especially if you two did the same thing that you saw on the internet.

Well it wasn’t until I saw my special little massage girl on the internet at My Cute Asian that it bothered me.  Now truly, I will get over it and I can take solace in the fact that even though I am fatter than that bastard on the video, my dick is much larger.  I am amazed he is touching the sides with that little thing he is trying to pass for a penis.

So if you are prepared to possibly get your feelings hurt I suggest that you go to My Cute Asian today, because up until I saw my little massage girl I was having the time of my life.

Thai Girls Wild – Little Eaw Fucked


Eaw is one of the sexiest little Asian Teens I’ve seen, Thai Girls Wild let’s us see her get fucked and my cock can’t Thank them enough. 

This tiny 80lb Asian Teen with braces will satisfy all your wild sexual desires.  You can see Eaw and other tiny little Asian Teens that I would love to have it on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up at Thai Girls Wild.

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Exxxtreme Asia – Ting


Alright fellas and ladies, I could have picked a hard core picture of some sexy little asian babe and everyone would have been happy.  I decided to show you my future ex-wife instead.  I am currently busy trying to contact the makers of Exxxtreme Asia to get the phone number for my future ex Ting.

I figured I could not go wrong by choosing to post a picture of such a sensual, innocent, beautiful bodied Asian babe such as Ting.  Little miss Ting Ting, you make me touch my ding ding.  You at the very least need to follow the links to see the gallery of Ting, she is not just a pretty face with nice tits and a sweet pussy.  She has one of the nicest peach asses on an Asian babe out there.

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Teen Filipina – Wendy


How’s about a little Filipina Teen action, thought I’d switch it up this one-time.  A little boom boom from Manny Pacquio’s little sisters. 

This is a spicy little Asian Babe, she looks like a hispanic Japanese Teen.  Nice mixture I must say, she is very young looking with nice little boobs and a sweet little ass. 

I’d lick that little shaved pussy clean, then jizz all over it.  Then you can have your turn, sloppy seconds anyone.  Been there done that, lucky for me the Asian Babes I got to play these games with, allowed me to go first.  No salt in my diet.

Wendy’s Banner page at Filipina Teen says please enjoy me now.  This site does not offer any trial periods, but it does offer a reasonably priced monthly access.  Happy stroken. 

Keira Lee


I got out of the shower feeling like a million bucks only hours ago and after seeing the pic above of Keira Lee, I suddenly don’t feel so good anymore. I feel so baaaad… and dirty… Like I need a nice Filipina nurse to fix my poor ass up!

Women like Keira Lee are why I love the Internet. How else is a woman born in a small province of the Philippines supposed to strike it rich? Because of the Internet and its borderless nature this Filipina hottie can make it just like any girl in the USA can!

Watch out world, rumor is, Cuba is lining up several girls!

Keira Lee does webcam chats, photo sets and videos with her Filipina girlfriends. There is a new photo set and video posted each week. Everything is 100% exclusive. On the webcam you can watch her in her Cosplay uniforms!

You don’t have to be a member to purchase 8×12 glossy’s from the Keira Lee store. She autographs them and adds in a personal message.

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Dirty Asian Slut

Cum join me inside for just $1, I love it when you watch

This is one site with a title that doesn’t mince words. Dirty Asian Slut is the home of a red hot Thai teen named Jade. She has a passion for making porn and if you are into girls from Thailand she will rock your world. If not, she will round house kick your ass into submission. Your choice.

You can watch Jade’s Asian masturbation videos and get an idea of the quality photography this site has. Everything is shot in extreme HD.

Jade loves to masturbate and her videos feature her using many different toys. Of course the dildo drill requires some off camera help from one of the crew.

Guys into Cosplay will really go gaga over Jade. This Dirty Asian Slut loves to play dress-up. She does the usual schoolgirl stuff and then gets extreme with PVC and Latex. She also sports costumes from Manga characters and more.

Try this Dirty Asian Slut on for size for only $1!

Tera Patrick


Born an army brat, Tera Patrick is half Thai and half all-American which makes her one hell of an exotic hottie! It’s strange. You can take a butt ugly white dude and pair him up with a beer-goggles Asian woman and the kids all end up looking like super models!

Tera Patrick has been a very busy woman. She has appeared in countless porn movies both for DVD and the Internet. (you mean there is a difference?) She has posed for Playboy and Penthouse. She was on the cover of FHM and produces Genesis magazine, “The Home of Porn’s Hottest Stars.”

When she isn’t appearing between the pages of a magazine or on screen taking a hard cock, Tera is keeping busy with appearances on the Howard Stern Show and Adam Carolla’s radio show. She appears in rap videos, does voice over work for naughty cartoons and does both a webcast of her own and Playboy TV’s erotic instructional show, School of Sex.

With so much going on with this Asian porn stars life you might be wondering, “When will this lady have time for me?”

The answer to that question is three to four times a week. She updates her site with new pics and at least two new videos every week. Plus, she does event appearances where you can meet her and take some naughty pics of your own!

Soon Tera Patrick will be doing live shows so you can get naughty with her on a weekly basis.

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Dirty Pancake


Why is it that guys find this picture so fucking sweet?

I won’t even try to answer that because the answer is far too complex for this blog. It isn’t just sexual, it is many things rolled into one and I will leave it at that.

What I will talk about is Dirty Pancake. The dirty portion of her name stems from the fact this girl loves to masturbate. A lot. With tons of objects you might find around the home. And the pancake portion of her name comes from the fact she is the spitting image of the famous Asian model Pancake.

With her name out of the way lets dig deeper, shall we?

Pancake has one of the finest pussies known to man. It is tight, smooth and just looking at it is entertainment enough. But, don’t worry. We won’t just be looking at her adorable pussy, we will be digging deeper there too!

Dirty Pancake was born in Britain and moved back to Thailand because she is a naughty girl. Her family figured grandma and grandpa would turn this neurotic Asian girl around. Wrong!

It is human nature to think work sucks. Dirty Pancake is no different than the rest of us and she got bored with cleaning hotel rooms or working in retail. She did like having sex and she loved having her picture taken. DirtyPancake.com was her destiny.

The videos at Dirty Pancake are high quality. I am watching her rub her long legs down with baby oil and the clarity is astounding. You can stream them and download them too. You can even get iPOD versions that play on most mobile media including cell phones.

Each video is anywhere form 10 minutes to 30 minutes or so long. The file sizes range from 50mb to 500mb. Sites like these give you reason to pat yourself on the back for getting that high speed Internet connection.

Pics can be viewed in large and extra-large sizes. Dirty Pancake adds a new picture set and a new video on a weekly basis. She also writes diary entries and has an in depth biography.

Dirty Pancake is bi-sexual. While most of her updates are solo masturbation scenes she invites girlfriends over often and guys less frequently. There are currently 50 photo sets and 20 videos. As with most Asian models, Dirty Pancake likes to play dress up. Because of this her site crosses into many different niches. Schoolgirl, idol, cosplay, bikini, panties, pantyhose, unforms, etc…

As a special bonus you also get access to the bonus sites My Wife Jenny, Asian Pantiez and Girls Love Toys. None of the bonus sites are needed since Dirty Pancake is reason enough on her own to join.

Tia Ling – Asian Babes

TiaLing.com is an amazing girl with her own official Asian porn site! She so sexually appetizing and she will share her sexcapades for all of us. Inside the members area you will find 1000’s of pictures and hours of video featuring this smoking Asian babe porn star with her girlfriends.

Tia Ling knows what all of us like, hot XXX video updates every week, with scenes of blowjobs, threesomes, group action,  Girl on Girl. Well Tia Ling delivers it all.

See Tia Ling.com exclusive behind the scenes action and see her day to day work that she completely enjoys. Don’t hesitate she has some of the sexiest hardcore Asian babe clips on the web! Tia Ling and her exclusive photo galleries full of hot intense action and gorgeous glamour shots that you will not find these Super Hi resolution photos sets anywhere else on the net. 

Through TiaLing.com members area you can contact her directly and get to know the real Tia! Tia Ling loves to keep in contact with all my subscribers and enjoys answering their questions. Who knows you could be in her next video!

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Nyomi Marcela

Asians are so fucking adorable… Well, the chicks anyway. They look like coeds until they are forty. They get nastier than white girls do. Put two of them together are you have an Asian combo no man in his right mind could ever pass up.

As if watching Indonesian Nyomi Marcela wasn’t hot enough she brought her friend Teanna Kai along for the ride. I have seen Nyomi ram many a cock down her throat and stroke many a cock so hard – no amount of lube would prevent speed burns. Seeing her a little softer with her soft friend is a real treat.

Nyomi has a twin-fucking-sister named Jade Marcela. When you get your access to NyomiMarcela.com you get to see her share the screen with her twin!

Nyomi Marcela does solo masturbation, girl/girl and girl/boy, along with group sex. Her site is the official place to find all of her content under one roof.

As a member you get weekly updates of pictures and videos and Nyomi does web cam shows for her members too. Those are free and you get to tell this Asian bombshell what to do!