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Why always settle for the small little petite Asian Girls you see on every sight, or the very obvious enhanced Asian chicks out there.  Are these two Asian Exotics enhanced, maybe.  Don’t know.  All I know is they are spectacular and  I want to make babies with them.

Anally Asian – Lucy Lee


Lucy Lee is what I dream about when I am dreaming about banging and Asian chick.  But Anally Asian has taken that dream to the next level.

In my experience, I have found that Asian chicks naturally have tighter pussies.  I spent years overseas so I know what I am talking about, that has always been the allure to me for wanting to bang an Asian chick, and why we dream about taking all other races Anal.  Asian pussy has always felt like new pussy, maybe that is why you don’t see that much Anally Asian out there.  Taking a white chick anal is like getting new pussy, that is why it is so popular, but how can I hide my excitement when seeing a site dedicated to bringing me newer Asian pussy.

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Happy Tugs – Celia Vi


Celia Vi was taught by her grandmother that the first impression a woman makes on a man isn’t what is most important. What matters most is that a woman leaves a man with a happy ending!

At Happy Tugs all of the endings are happy. No man is allowed to leave before a woman has properly serviced his cock!

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Miho Imamura


There is a reason American guys enjoy Asian girls like Miho Imamura and it isn’t because of their focused driving instincts. We like their petiteness, their submissiveness, their desire to fulfill all of our deepest desires!

The Japanese capitalize on the needs of dirty old men with the ultimate answer, Japanese idols. Girls and women that play their youth against your perverseness. It’s a torrid game we don’t mind losing! A trade deficit worth its weight in gold!

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With hundreds of Japanese idols and plenty of idols from other nations around the Pacific you will be hard pressed to find a more complete place to park your perversions!