Blowjob Fridays in Thailand


What? You have never heard of blowjob Fridays in Thailand?

Do you live under a rock?

OK… so there isn’t actually a tradition where girls in Thailand give blowjobs just because it is Friday. In Thailand the girls don’t need some tradition to tell them when it is OK to blow a guy, they do it every day of the week!

Now imagine that warm mouth working it’s magic on your glands. Let the weeks worth of stress just melt away on her sweet tongue… yeah! TGIF!

If you are reading this on some other day don’t worry… Like I said, these Thai girls don’t give a shit what day of the week it is. They are hungry for some cock meat all week long!

At Submit Your Thai the guys and the girls post their x-rated pics and videos. Everything is very amateur looking and most of it is shot POV by the guy getting the Thai blowjob so expect an up close facial at the end!