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Yua Aida


Ever jacked off for a girl before? I met a girl back in school that was a foreign exchange student from Japan. Totally hot. She was petite, had perfect little boobies and a muff that just wouldn’t quit!

One night we were at a party and getting sauced. I could tell she was into me so I invited her into one of the empty bedrooms and locked the door. I have to admit, I was curious about what she looked like naked. Were Japanese girls the same as American girls? Only one way to find out!

As she stripped off her clothes she stood on the bed above me and did a teasing dance. While most girls are asking to have the lights turned off this girl was displaying herself for me! I caught the yellow fever hard that night!

After dancing for several minutes she kind of kicked my dick like she wanted me to do something with it. Not a hard kick. More of a knock. I grabbed it and she smiled real big. Did she want me to put on a show for her too?

Ever since then I have always enjoyed photos like this one of Yua Aida. They bring me back to some really good times!

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Japanese Cosplay – Airi Meiri


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Miho Imamura


There is a reason American guys enjoy Asian girls like Miho Imamura and it isn’t because of their focused driving instincts. We like their petiteness, their submissiveness, their desire to fulfill all of our deepest desires!

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Idols 69 – Aki Kurosawa


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Saori Hara


We have a search feature to the right and when I run out of girls to talk about I scan the results of searches that didn’t pan out. Today I chose Saori Hara and its easy to see why someone else did too!

Saori Hara is also known by the name Mai Nanami. For a Japanese AV idol she has some big titties with sunny-side up nipples. You don’t find many Asian teens this stacked!

Saori started out as a junior idol and has many television appearances, has both written and sang songs, and has appeared in films. In 2008 she started getting offers for gravure work (Japanese Playboy-style stuff). She bit on an offer and hasn’t looked back since.

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Hot Teen Asian – Achara


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Asian Sluts Fuck – Dawn


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Sex Asian 18 – Ai Kurosawa


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Takako Kitahara


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Idols 69 – Izumi Yamaguchi

Izumi Yamaguchi - Free video #2

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Maria Ozawa


Maria Ozawa is back and this time is going to hurt a little bit. No problem for her though, she is a seasoned JAV porn star and knows what to expect when she shows up at a shoot.

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Idols 69 – Suzuka Ishikawa


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AV Idols Movie
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