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Asian porn site reviews

When ever I read Asian porn site reviews I am disappointed because it seems the owner is more interested in selling me any porn site, more than they are interested in actually doing good quality reviews. You can tell when you are on one of those kinds of sites because it seems every site is 95+ out of 100.

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I am not sure if we are conditioned by the media or what, but I have to say, Japanese girls make for the best cosplay partners. Their bodies are ideally suited for the cute, sext, kinky uniforms the niche is known for. Their hair, their eyes, their button noses; everything about them agrees 100% with the genre!

At you can enjoy DVD quality Japanese Cosplay videos. They wouldn’t let me link to the full sized versions, but even the clips they let me use will give you an idea of the kind of quality they offer.

To get the full sized versions without the censoring you should join Japanese Cosplay. They update weekly and the site is part of a daily updating network. Pretty soon you are going to have so much JAV porn at your finger tips you won’t know what to do with yourself!

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The GF Porn sites are becoming more and more popular. It isn’t too hard to figure out why. You often can find loads of sexy Asian blowjobs videos and just about everything else in the Asian niche.

A lot of my friends like watching American women when they view blowjob videos. Not me. I prefer Asians. Personally I think Asian girls and their submissive ways are extremely attractive. Their videos make you feel like a rock god or something. Like you are in control.

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I know what you are thinking… 1, 3, 2 right 🙂 ?? That is my order that I would love to fuck these girls in. To be honest they are all beautiful and I would not really care which one I got to fuck first but it’s always nice to dream. These cute topless Asian teens are so damn hot in their little white panties covering what I bet is a little hairy pussy! Pulling their panties off with my teeth would be a dream come true. Fucking their tight pussy with my cock would be mind blowing and an experience I hope to achieve. Enjoy these 3 girls and let me know what order you would like to fuck them.

Yua Aida


Ever jacked off for a girl before? I met a girl back in school that was a foreign exchange student from Japan. Totally hot. She was petite, had perfect little boobies and a muff that just wouldn’t quit!

One night we were at a party and getting sauced. I could tell she was into me so I invited her into one of the empty bedrooms and locked the door. I have to admit, I was curious about what she looked like naked. Were Japanese girls the same as American girls? Only one way to find out!

As she stripped off her clothes she stood on the bed above me and did a teasing dance. While most girls are asking to have the lights turned off this girl was displaying herself for me! I caught the yellow fever hard that night!

After dancing for several minutes she kind of kicked my dick like she wanted me to do something with it. Not a hard kick. More of a knock. I grabbed it and she smiled real big. Did she want me to put on a show for her too?

Ever since then I have always enjoyed photos like this one of Yua Aida. They bring me back to some really good times!

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You know a site kicks ass when the owners take the time to name it something ingenious. Idols 69… You take the best part of Japanese porn and you add a #69 to it. Fucking so simple and elegant it blows your mind… and your cock!

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Remember these days, banging some nice looking little Asian teen on your parents, or any teen for that matter.  You felt like you were the king of the world.  I told My Cute Asian teen partner that my parents would be gone for a while, little did i know they forgot something.

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Oriental Orgy – Soolin Angry Dragon

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Soolin reminds me of this American –Korean chick I was banging when I was stationed in Korea.  She was from Texas and her parents returned to Korea when her dad retured from the military.  So thank you Oriental Orgy, I have had a lot of good memories and Soo Young not Soolin, so know I will be able to images to those private intimate memories.

Oriental Orgy has women from all over the pacific, I for one don’t care what the origin is.  I just loves me some Oriental, but be careful calling an Asian woman Oriental they might tell you they are not a rug.  True story.

So if you are a fan of Asian sushi as I am, go visit Soolin at Oriental Orgy, your alone time will be more pleasurable.  

My Cute Asian – Massage Chick

mycuteasian_12  OK, I am now jealous, this is my massage girl.  I go see her every other pay day, she swears she loves me.  Look, I know she tells 100’s of other guys the same thing, but until some mother fucker put her on My Cute Asian it never really bugged me. 

I enjoy reality porn as much as the next guy, reality is taking over the television air waves and the internet.  I get it I have been looking at sites like Me and My Asian in hopes of seeing some chick I know.  How awesome would it be to see your co-worker on the internet, you mention you saw it and would never dream of telling anyone, especially if you two did the same thing that you saw on the internet.

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OK, I know the video quality isn’t that great for this site.  But the fact that Me and My Asian only has shows submissions from people like you and me makes this even more intriguing.

At Me and My Asian you get pictures that are better quality than 9 what you see on the videos.  But remember these are actually Asian Teens that you may come across walking down the street.  With the ever improving picture quality on cell phones in the not too distant future I would expect the photo’s and videos on this site to really improve, I for one am going to be there when it does.  I am not going to be the only one who hasn’t seen that spicy little Asian Teen from the local coffee shop getting fucked for the world to see.

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If you thought Two Girls One Cup was crazy, you haven’t seen nothing yet! Kobe Surprise is giving you porn you can actually jack off too… Without being a nutcase!

Kobe Surprise has Japanese schoolgirls, maids, secretaries, cosplay, nurses and more. The site tries to adhere to the CFNM niche, but sometimes girls just wanna have fun so the panties go sideways and the cock goes in!

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