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This little Asian schoolgirl has brought her homework home with her. She has always had a big crush on her teacher and he suggested she touch herself and think of him before they did anything. If she orgasmed they could be together. If she didn’t then she would know it wasn’t meant to be.

As a gift he gave her a pink vibrator and told her she could use it even when she wasn’t thinking about having his cock inside her. Sevil (aka Asa Ksu) thought this was very nice of him. She pledged to herself that she would use it and think only of him for at least a year.

Sure enough little Sevil did have an orgasm. It was bigger than any orgasm she has ever had before. She returned to the school and informed her teacher of what had happened while she thought about his big cock inside her tight pussy. She saw that his cock was getting hard inside his pants.

They set up a date to meet and Sevil masturbated at least twice a day, sometimes three times a day, for the week leading up to their meet.

Because this Asian schoolgirl was using her new vibrator several times a day his cock worked its way up inside her pussy with no problems. It was much longer than her dildo and it felt nice and warm inside her.

It didn’t take long for both of them to cum and she was scared because she didn’t want to get pregnant. He let her know that his tubes were tied so they could fuck as much and as often as she wanted and she wouldn’t get pregnant.

Soon they were fucking two to three times a day, but that didn’t stop Sevil from using her dildo at least once. Just as she had pledged she always thought of her school teacher!

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Here is a homemade porn photo I took of a little Thai hooker I fucked last time I was in Bangkok. I love Bangkok and it is for this very reason. It is so easy to leave your hotel and then find a hot slut to take home and fuck all night. This little skinny Thai girl was absolutely great at sex and we had a wild night fucking. She has such a nice little pussy with nice shaved pubes. I gave her many creampies in my hotel room that night! 🙂

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So my buddy Dennis and I are out on business in Thailand and we wrap up our transaction. He slaps me on the back and tells me we are going to a kickass karaoke bar. I had always wanted to see one in real life so I told him I was game.

We jump in one of those bike taxis. Some dude that couldn’t have stood more than four foot, ten inches tall and weighed in at about a buck-O-nine, wet, peddles us a couple of blocks to the bar.

Once we went in I immediately began to realize this wasn’t a karaoke bar. There were more women then men and all of the ladies were dolled up in some kind of Asian fashion from Anime characters to girls in those Japanese kimono things with their faces painted white.

My buddy realized I was a bit apprehensive about staying and told me not to be a pussy. Besides, we were in Thailand. Who was going to know?

He didn’t, and still doesn’t, know that I write porn blogs as a hobby!

So one of the girls comes over to me and she looks like a Pixie looking character from a Manga magazine. My buddy gets some girl that looks like a warrior princess. The ladies led us back to a backroom and instantly went to work on getting a big tip.


I admit that I used to have strange crushes on Dungeons & Dragons characters of an elven nature back in the day, but to actually bang one? Priceless!

This girl is sucking on my cock and the only thing I can think about is if that was her real eye color or not. She must have thought I was some kind of quack moving my head back and forth trying to make out an edge of a contact lens in her eye.

My buddy is making karaoke humor with the girl sucking his cock. "Sing it like it is, bitch!"

OK, now I have to admit that I actually did enjoy fucking that elven Thai babe. Much more than I like banging my wife. God forbid she ever reads my mindless dribble here!

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