88 Square – Sophia Lee


88 Square started out 100% Thai and has since opened the doors to allow a wider breadth of Asian ladies inside. While all of the exclusive models are 100% Thai like Sophia Lee above, the bonus content now features ladies from all over the Orient. In particular, the JAV videos are a very welcomed bonus!

With updates six days a week to the exclusive models area you never have to wait very long to see something new. Each model does several videos and picture sets. Mostly these updates are softcore in nature. Which isn’t a bad thing since 88 Square is like the Thai version of Playboy.

Unlike Playboy, 88 Square has a harder side. The twice weekly Asian video updates are mostly hardcore in nature and get pretty graphic. Some even include the Thai models so you can see them doing hardcore, as well as, softcore too!

Right now 88 Square is running a summer special so the price has been dropped to $24.95. This is a price that stays with you for as long as you stay a member!

Idols 69 – Izumi Yamaguchi

Izumi Yamaguchi - Free video #2

There are tons of sites out there offering up Asian porn. None of them, however, can match the varied depth of content available at Idols 69.

All of the hottest JAV models and Asian idols shoot for Idols69. Girls like Izumi Yamaguchi open up and allow you unrestricted access to their sexual habits. In the videos above Izumi masturbates her tender pussy the same way she does every night before bed.

Idols 69 features easy navigation of a wide assortment of porn. Everything is broken down into niches and sub-niches. Both pics and videos portray everything from posing Asian idols to hardcore anal scenes.

As a member you also get access to their sister sites. Take the Idols69 tour and experience quality Asian porn for the first time!

Asian Sweety – Avena Lee


So you are on a bus touring the Thailand countryside and sitting next to you is this cute little piece of ass named Avena Lee. Her hair is in ponytails and she has the face of a China doll. Probably because she is half Chinese and half Thai.

Anyway… She thinks you are cute and she wants to know if your American cock really is bigger than the Asian cocks she has seen. Being the gentleman that you are you oblige her teenage curiosity by pulling out your hard member. She gasps at the site of it.

“How does it fit into my pussy? It is so big!”

Right on cue you retrieve some KY from your backpack and hand it over to her. She smiles real big as her almond eyes widen at the thought of trying it out.

Next stop, Asian Sweety!

With three updates a week you won’t get bored at Asian Sweety. The girls are from all over the Orient and the bra sizes are from up and down the scale.

Every Asian niche is exploited at AsianSweety.tv including lesbian schoolgirls, solo schoolgirls and schoolgirls getting fucked before, during and after class. You get the bukkake, the hardcore, the softcore and everything in between.

Asian Sweety is like a one top shop for all things Asian!

Maria Ozawa


Maria Ozawa is back and this time is going to hurt a little bit. No problem for her though, she is a seasoned JAV porn star and knows what to expect when she shows up at a shoot.

Here he get to see Maria’s tight snatch and sexy titties getting brutally attacked, spanked and covered in man-cream.

Idols69 brings you some of the hottest Asian Video Idols the world has to offer. No used up mature whores with saggy tits and faces fit for paper sacks here… Idols69 is where hot Asian girls go to get noticed!