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cherry pimps kat

The entire world is turning into one big reality show. You can get instant access to just about any footage anywhere in the world. Except of course for the Indian Ocean. Entire jetliners can get lost in that fucking place. Even with all of this access you won’t find a better live feed than the one Cherry Pimps has lined up for you. Watch the sexiest porn stars in the business as they perform Live Webcam Porn. What’s more, you get to direct the show if you want!

The CherryPimps.com network is huge. They have more porn than you could watch in a lifetime. Even with all of that archived porn at your beck and call nothing can compare to the stars they put on their live webcam schedule.

All of their videos are shot with top of the line HD cams. Since they are a porn producer you can bet they will have the girls made up right, the cameras focusing in on the best parts and the entire show will be top notch from the proper lighting techniques to the high level of action on the screen.

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Her Mom Told Her White Men Make For Great Sex Partners

asian girl getting her ass licked by a white guy

This Asian teen’s mom told her that white men make for great sex partners, but she didn’t tell her just how good. Watch this perky tits cutie getting her asshole reamed and her pussy plugged with fat cock. The look on her face is priceless!

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Japanese Girls Ready For Online Chatsex


After reviewing the Japanese sex cams for days on end I have to say that JapaneseSexWebcams.com has the kinds of girls any guy with yellow fever is looking for. Unlike those other sites that lump all of the different Asian races into one this site has lots of true Japanese webcam girls. It doesn’t matter if you like them short and tiny or big and round, they are all delightfully tasty.

While I much prefer to chat like with girls I don’t always have the money to do so since it can be quite expensive. I am always popping for lesbians and lots of them!

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Asian Schoolgirl


This little Asian schoolgirl has brought her homework home with her. She has always had a big crush on her teacher and he suggested she touch herself and think of him before they did anything. If she orgasmed they could be together. If she didn’t then she would know it wasn’t meant to be.

As a gift he gave her a pink vibrator and told her she could use it even when she wasn’t thinking about having his cock inside her. Sevil (aka Asa Ksu) thought this was very nice of him. She pledged to herself that she would use it and think only of him for at least a year.

Sure enough little Sevil did have an orgasm. It was bigger than any orgasm she has ever had before. She returned to the school and informed her teacher of what had happened while she thought about his big cock inside her tight pussy. She saw that his cock was getting hard inside his pants.

They set up a date to meet and Sevil masturbated at least twice a day, sometimes three times a day, for the week leading up to their meet.

Because this Asian schoolgirl was using her new vibrator several times a day his cock worked its way up inside her pussy with no problems. It was much longer than her dildo and it felt nice and warm inside her.

It didn’t take long for both of them to cum and she was scared because she didn’t want to get pregnant. He let her know that his tubes were tied so they could fuck as much and as often as she wanted and she wouldn’t get pregnant.

Soon they were fucking two to three times a day, but that didn’t stop Sevil from using her dildo at least once. Just as she had pledged she always thought of her school teacher!

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Creampie Thais


So my buddy Dennis and I are out on business in Thailand and we wrap up our transaction. He slaps me on the back and tells me we are going to a kickass karaoke bar. I had always wanted to see one in real life so I told him I was game.

We jump in one of those bike taxis. Some dude that couldn’t have stood more than four foot, ten inches tall and weighed in at about a buck-O-nine, wet, peddles us a couple of blocks to the bar.

Once we went in I immediately began to realize this wasn’t a karaoke bar. There were more women then men and all of the ladies were dolled up in some kind of Asian fashion from Anime characters to girls in those Japanese kimono things with their faces painted white.

My buddy realized I was a bit apprehensive about staying and told me not to be a pussy. Besides, we were in Thailand. Who was going to know?

He didn’t, and still doesn’t, know that I write porn blogs as a hobby!

So one of the girls comes over to me and she looks like a Pixie looking character from a Manga magazine. My buddy gets some girl that looks like a warrior princess. The ladies led us back to a backroom and instantly went to work on getting a big tip.


I admit that I used to have strange crushes on Dungeons & Dragons characters of an elven nature back in the day, but to actually bang one? Priceless!

This girl is sucking on my cock and the only thing I can think about is if that was her real eye color or not. She must have thought I was some kind of quack moving my head back and forth trying to make out an edge of a contact lens in her eye.

My buddy is making karaoke humor with the girl sucking his cock. "Sing it like it is, bitch!"

OK, now I have to admit that I actually did enjoy fucking that elven Thai babe. Much more than I like banging my wife. God forbid she ever reads my mindless dribble here!

Going back to Thailand would be boo koo expensive. The easier solution? Creampie Thais! They go to all of the crazy bars these kinds of ladies hang out and do all of the crazy shit tourists do to them when they think nobody will find out.

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Maiko – Mr Chews Asian Beaver


In this episode from Mr Chews Asian Beaver we have Maiko sucking a mean white cock. She developed a taste for white Mandingo meat while in Australia on vacation with her parents. Now that she is in America, Maiko is on a quest to suck a cock dry in all fifty states!

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Happy Tugs Mia Rider


Mia Rider didn’t set out to be an Asian massage girl, life just has those kinds of twists and turns in it. Speaking of twists and turns, Mia really knows how to coax the cum out of a mans balls using twists… and turns!

You won’t find a better rack of tits on an Asian babe. Mia receives a lot of attention for her mammary milk sacks. She enjoys letting guys fuck those gorgeous juggs!

Happy Tugs is all about the Happy Ending. Watch the free video clip and enjoy the weekly updates of the world’s most exotic women!

Me and My Asian – High School Teen


  I’ve been looking at porn for quite sometime, and I like most people in the world I like a beautiful woman.  Especially Asian Teens, but looking at sights with doctored  up photos becomes old.  I sure don’t understand it myself, someone tell me how looking at perfect Asian Teens gets old, but since there is the zero to no chance that you would ever be able to actually fuck an Asian Teen that hot the reality overcomes the fantasy. 

  I believe that the harsh reality that you will never bang one of these Asian Teens, and that you are stuck with the pig next to you will break even the strongest spirit.  That is where the reality part comes in and the reason why sites like Me an My Asian are becoming more popular than the traditional sites.  It has pictures of your neighbor, your neighbors daughter, the chick at Star Bucks.  In other words, more chicks you won’t bang but you at least see them in person and the belief that you could get them drunk or high and get lucky is back in play.    

  So if you are ready to experience pictures and movies  of real girls and not doctored up plastic dolls, then go to Me and My Asian and enjoy having sex with that hog you sleep with every night again.  Who knows, maybe you will see your neighbors daughter and have something to hold over her, you don’t want you daddy to know do you is a good opener to get what you want.

Asian Teen Candid Pics


Asian teens are a trip. It is almost impossible to pin down just how old they are. Take the girl above for example. She could be a barely legal, high school senior, or she could be a super fucking hawt twenty-seven year old. Who fucking knows? Who fucking cares?

You can search the Internet for photos like these and probably find hundreds of them a month, but who fucking has that kind of time? I’ll tell you what, successful people have other people do the digging. Ever met a guy that digs ditches for a living and lives in a six bedroom house on a hill? Fuck no! But I bet you his boss does!

So be the fucking boss and let Young Asian GFs do all of the dirty work for you. Then you can spend your time looking at naked Asian teens and viewing their stolen sex tapes!

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Yua Aida


Ever jacked off for a girl before? I met a girl back in school that was a foreign exchange student from Japan. Totally hot. She was petite, had perfect little boobies and a muff that just wouldn’t quit!

One night we were at a party and getting sauced. I could tell she was into me so I invited her into one of the empty bedrooms and locked the door. I have to admit, I was curious about what she looked like naked. Were Japanese girls the same as American girls? Only one way to find out!

As she stripped off her clothes she stood on the bed above me and did a teasing dance. While most girls are asking to have the lights turned off this girl was displaying herself for me! I caught the yellow fever hard that night!

After dancing for several minutes she kind of kicked my dick like she wanted me to do something with it. Not a hard kick. More of a knock. I grabbed it and she smiled real big. Did she want me to put on a show for her too?

Ever since then I have always enjoyed photos like this one of Yua Aida. They bring me back to some really good times!

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Happy Tugs Adrianna


This crazy mofo thought he was coming in for a discreet happy ending and found out the hard way (literally) that at Happy Tugs everything is recorded. Turns out his wife’s brother is a member of the Reality Kings network and saw this update as soon as it was posted!

He’s toast!

But you don’t have to be… With Happy Tugs you can enjoy watching what goes on behind closed doors without ever having to step foot in an Asian massage parlor!

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Asian girls have a way of working the kinks out. Their expert hands can melt all of life’s troubles and leave a man wondering why he didn’t experience this kind of therapy before.

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