Find Kinky Sexy Asian Women That Like To Fuck Strangers

Find Kinky Sexy Asian Women That Like To Fuck Strangers

What is it about Asian women that make them so fucking perfect for uniforms? You can put an American girl in a nurse uniform and it is okay. Put an Asian girl into the same get up and she is instant hot fuck-bait. They also seem to enjoy donning costumes and uniforms a bit more than American girls do. What is up with that?

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Normally Asian girls wouldn’t be willing to fuck on the first date, but then have you seen this girls outfit she has on? She isn’t like most women, be it Asian or any other race. She grew up a nympho. She can’t get enough cock inside her to quell the thirst in her loins for cum.

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Japanese Cosplay DVD Quality Movies


I am not sure if we are conditioned by the media or what, but I have to say, Japanese girls make for the best cosplay partners. Their bodies are ideally suited for the cute, sext, kinky uniforms the niche is known for. Their hair, their eyes, their button noses; everything about them agrees 100% with the genre!

At you can enjoy DVD quality Japanese Cosplay videos. They wouldn’t let me link to the full sized versions, but even the clips they let me use will give you an idea of the kind of quality they offer.

To get the full sized versions without the censoring you should join Japanese Cosplay. They update weekly and the site is part of a daily updating network. Pretty soon you are going to have so much JAV porn at your finger tips you won’t know what to do with yourself!

Yeah… right… You are going to play with yourself until your balls hurt!

Creampie Thais


So my buddy Dennis and I are out on business in Thailand and we wrap up our transaction. He slaps me on the back and tells me we are going to a kickass karaoke bar. I had always wanted to see one in real life so I told him I was game.

We jump in one of those bike taxis. Some dude that couldn’t have stood more than four foot, ten inches tall and weighed in at about a buck-O-nine, wet, peddles us a couple of blocks to the bar.

Once we went in I immediately began to realize this wasn’t a karaoke bar. There were more women then men and all of the ladies were dolled up in some kind of Asian fashion from Anime characters to girls in those Japanese kimono things with their faces painted white.

My buddy realized I was a bit apprehensive about staying and told me not to be a pussy. Besides, we were in Thailand. Who was going to know?

He didn’t, and still doesn’t, know that I write porn blogs as a hobby!

So one of the girls comes over to me and she looks like a Pixie looking character from a Manga magazine. My buddy gets some girl that looks like a warrior princess. The ladies led us back to a backroom and instantly went to work on getting a big tip.


I admit that I used to have strange crushes on Dungeons & Dragons characters of an elven nature back in the day, but to actually bang one? Priceless!

This girl is sucking on my cock and the only thing I can think about is if that was her real eye color or not. She must have thought I was some kind of quack moving my head back and forth trying to make out an edge of a contact lens in her eye.

My buddy is making karaoke humor with the girl sucking his cock. "Sing it like it is, bitch!"

OK, now I have to admit that I actually did enjoy fucking that elven Thai babe. Much more than I like banging my wife. God forbid she ever reads my mindless dribble here!

Going back to Thailand would be boo koo expensive. The easier solution? Creampie Thais! They go to all of the crazy bars these kinds of ladies hang out and do all of the crazy shit tourists do to them when they think nobody will find out.

You also get access to their other sites like Asian Suck Dolls. Buy one site and get a network!

Japanese Cosplay – Airi Meiri


Japanese girls are fucking sweet. They look great, they have tight pussies and they will do just about anything you want them too. So accommodating!

One thing they really love doing is playing dress up. In Japan the term for sexually based dress up games is Cosplay. Or costume play. Japanese Cosplay takes the whole thing to new heights!

Asian idols like Airi Meiri and her friend look too cute in their made uniforms. Japanese Cosplay has hundreds of Cosplay videos and give you access to the entire Idols 69 network of Asian porn sites!

Kobe Surprise – Three Girls 1 Cup!


If you thought Two Girls One Cup was crazy, you haven’t seen nothing yet! Kobe Surprise is giving you porn you can actually jack off too… Without being a nutcase!

Kobe Surprise has Japanese schoolgirls, maids, secretaries, cosplay, nurses and more. The site tries to adhere to the CFNM niche, but sometimes girls just wanna have fun so the panties go sideways and the cock goes in!

All of the videos are shot in HD and uncensored!

Riko Tachibana


Believe it or not, it isn’t very hard to be considered tall in Japan. Standing a mere 5’6” Riko Tachibana is considered a very tall woman. This fact haunted her all her life until she became a JAV idol. As it turns out, finding tall JAV models is pretty damn hard so Riko Tachibana actually has had to turn down roles!

At the JSexNetwork you can watch over 30 videos of Riko Tachibana along with her several sets of glamour photos. Riko is most known for playing dominate females. Particularly she is known for her series of “Perverted Woman From Hell,” videos.

At the JSex Network you get both softcore and hardcore. You get daily updates featuring full length DVD movies you can download. There are no digital rights management so everything is yours to keep!

Keira Lee


I got out of the shower feeling like a million bucks only hours ago and after seeing the pic above of Keira Lee, I suddenly don’t feel so good anymore. I feel so baaaad… and dirty… Like I need a nice Filipina nurse to fix my poor ass up!

Women like Keira Lee are why I love the Internet. How else is a woman born in a small province of the Philippines supposed to strike it rich? Because of the Internet and its borderless nature this Filipina hottie can make it just like any girl in the USA can!

Watch out world, rumor is, Cuba is lining up several girls!

Keira Lee does webcam chats, photo sets and videos with her Filipina girlfriends. There is a new photo set and video posted each week. Everything is 100% exclusive. On the webcam you can watch her in her Cosplay uniforms!

You don’t have to be a member to purchase 8×12 glossy’s from the Keira Lee store. She autographs them and adds in a personal message.

As with most Asian babes, Keira Lee is all about making her fans happy. Signup today and let her know what you want to see during her next live web cam performance!

Japan Dreams


I don’t know about you, but waking up to a Japanese babe wearing a French Maid uniform would be my version of the perfect beginning of the perfect day. That is what Japan Dreams is all about. Filling your life with hope!

Japan Dreams is filled with hot Japanese teens and babes fulfilling your every wish. NO matter if your thing was a creampie or a threesome with some Japanese schoolgirls, Japan Dreams will make you one happy guy.

Each week a new Japan Dreams video and picture set is added to the archives which themselves have dozens of videos already. You also get access to the Japan Dreams sister sites.

Take the Japan Dreams tour and dream a little dream of a Japanese teen!

Dirty Asian Slut

Cum join me inside for just $1, I love it when you watch

This is one site with a title that doesn’t mince words. Dirty Asian Slut is the home of a red hot Thai teen named Jade. She has a passion for making porn and if you are into girls from Thailand she will rock your world. If not, she will round house kick your ass into submission. Your choice.

You can watch Jade’s Asian masturbation videos and get an idea of the quality photography this site has. Everything is shot in extreme HD.

Jade loves to masturbate and her videos feature her using many different toys. Of course the dildo drill requires some off camera help from one of the crew.

Guys into Cosplay will really go gaga over Jade. This Dirty Asian Slut loves to play dress-up. She does the usual schoolgirl stuff and then gets extreme with PVC and Latex. She also sports costumes from Manga characters and more.

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The Japanese are leaders in innovation. Here they have come up with yet another use for the labia majors of this girls vagina. I didn’t even know they had spaghetti noodles in Japan!

G-Queen is the premier source for shaved Japanese girls. Make that, anyone into shaved pussy. The girls at either shave or wax their vaginas smooth as silk and let the camera man do some pretty perverted things to them.

This is one of those sites you go to if you have a fascination with the female form. If you ever played with a pussy and found yourself mesmerized you will feel like a kid in a candy store!

Everything is 100% original and downloadable at G-Queen. Just about the only thing I haven’t figured out is what Mumo Sengen means. Feel free to enlighten me in the comments section. Is it the man behind the camera? Japanese for shaved pussy? What???

The price to get into the members area is a bit high. The trade off is that you get an unbelievable amount of content. Both the pics and the videos are very high quality and detailed. Girls play with themselves, pull their panties into their pussies, stick just about every object from the kitchen, bathroom and garage into their shaved pussies.

In some of the videos things get a little more hardcore. There are also lesbian videos.

Almost every model does several videos so if you find a favorite you get to enjoy 5 or 6 videos and picture sets of her. I was able to find about 15 girls that blew my mind and my load away, plus 30 more where the videos content was enough to overshadow the fact that the girl was average looking.

Another question: Do girls really like having their shaved pussies slapped until they are a pinkish-red and puffy? Seemed to happen a lot at G-Queen. I am not complaining, the end result was nice to look at. I tried it on my girlfriend and it turns out she didn’t find it too enjoyable. But then she isn’t Japanese.

Take the tour and watch some of the trailers. Truly amazing stuff!


It never ceases to amaze me how bitchy and whiny Japanese women can get when you tie them up and put a ball in their mouths. Sheesh. You would think they had never been tied up and spanked before!

JAV Now is home to thousands of Japanese Adult Videos. Every movie is shot by the Japanese, for the Japanese. We get to come along for the ride… and what a ride it is.

Along with the movies you get 100% uncensored pics. High quality pics so you can zoom into those upskirt panty shots!

Everything at JAV Now is categorized so you can find what you want fast. There are 58 categories to choose from and hundreds of models. It is possible to surf the model directory in search of your favorites.

You have tried the rest, now try the best!

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Maria Ozawa

An AV Idol from mixed races Maria Ozawa has a beauty that is undeniably exotic. Her mother is Japanese and her father is French-Canadian. Her body is a perfect blend of Japanese curves in Anglo sizes.

Maria Ozawa became interested in sex early on and bought herself the book of sexual positions. She mastered them all and started her AV career in 2005. Only three short years later she is one of the top searched for AV models of all time!

Along with adult video success Maria has enjoyed much success in the mainstream market too. She has appeared on Japanese MTV and in the videos of hip hop musicians.

You can watch Maria Ozawa’s videos and the videos of hundreds more actresses on the JSex Network. The JSexNetwork is a one top shop for all things Japanese from glamour to the most intensely hardcore. The JSex Network updates multiple times daily and is so big that you will spend all of your free time exploring what they already have and often forget about the updates!

Caribbeancom – JAV Extreme!

If that isn’t a reason to turn Japanese I don’t know what is. The people at Caribbeancom make Japanese Adult Videos of many different Asian theme niches. Any fan of JAV will instantly fall in love with the quality and quantity this site offers.

Sure there are dozens of dogs at Caribbeancom, but there are also literally 100’s of hot Japanese porn stars. I had no idea Japan had such a thriving porn star industry. For such a small collection of islands the girls at Caribbeancom are pretty diverse.

The Japanese cutie above is Hikaru Houduki. There are six videos at Caribbeancom featuring her. Each one covers a different niche and the largest is 1.45GBs! I hope you have a fiber optic Internet connection like I do because this site almost demands it! Her smallest movie is still quite large at 622MBs.

Each video at Caribbeancom can be downloaded or streamed. You can choose a lower quality stream if you are on DSL or cable. Files can also be viewed in 10 to 15 minute chunks and each chunk comes with several preview thumbs so you can skip to the good parts. Nice!

The categories are too numerous to list here but include the ever popular Japanese schoolgirls, Titty Fuck, Cum Swallowing, Insult, Gangbang, Costume Play, Golden Shower, Shaved Pussy and many, many more.

In all there are over 2,900 full length videos to watch and/or download. Each movie is rated by the members so you can find the cream of the crop pretty quick and steer clear of the dogs without missing a beat.

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Teens From Tokyo

Asian girl in bath sex

One of the best qualities Japanese teens have is that they look young seemingly forever. A girl can hit twenty-five and still look like an eighteen year old.

Possessing this quality means the young ones look even younger. This Japanese girl reminds me of my first bath with a girl after figuring out what sex is.

Episodes at Teens From Tokyo include lots of Cosplpay (uniforms and costumes) including Sailor Moon.

Teens From Tokyo is 100% Japanese beauties doing hardcore. The site is updated weekly with new DVD quality uncut and uncensored Japanese sex videos. File sizes vary and everything is downloadable so you can enjoy it when ever you want. Even after your membership expires!