Lin Si Yee


You thinking the same thing I am thinking? Lets check…

I am thinking about kicking you in the nuts and taking Lin Si Yee as far away from you as I can get so I can bang this Thai babe all fucking night long!

We still on the same page?

I thought for sure Lin Si Yee had a bad side. So I checked all through out the pics and videos of her in the members area at Thai Cuties and I couldn’t find any. What I did find is a flawless Asian goddess!

Lin is 26 years old, but like most Asian women she looks about 6 or 7 years younger. Put her in a schoolgirl uniform and I am sure she could walk on to any campus without anyone blinking an eye. Except for the teachers that want to give her an A.

Thai Cuties is filled with hot Thai girls like Lin Si Yee. Look at me… I said girls… At 26 years old Lin is a woman… but damn, I mean… Really? There are plenty of “girls” according to their ages too. And plenty more “girls” like Lin Si Yee!

Dirty Pancake


Why is it that guys find this picture so fucking sweet?

I won’t even try to answer that because the answer is far too complex for this blog. It isn’t just sexual, it is many things rolled into one and I will leave it at that.

What I will talk about is Dirty Pancake. The dirty portion of her name stems from the fact this girl loves to masturbate. A lot. With tons of objects you might find around the home. And the pancake portion of her name comes from the fact she is the spitting image of the famous Asian model Pancake.

With her name out of the way lets dig deeper, shall we?

Pancake has one of the finest pussies known to man. It is tight, smooth and just looking at it is entertainment enough. But, don’t worry. We won’t just be looking at her adorable pussy, we will be digging deeper there too!

Dirty Pancake was born in Britain and moved back to Thailand because she is a naughty girl. Her family figured grandma and grandpa would turn this neurotic Asian girl around. Wrong!

It is human nature to think work sucks. Dirty Pancake is no different than the rest of us and she got bored with cleaning hotel rooms or working in retail. She did like having sex and she loved having her picture taken. was her destiny.

The videos at Dirty Pancake are high quality. I am watching her rub her long legs down with baby oil and the clarity is astounding. You can stream them and download them too. You can even get iPOD versions that play on most mobile media including cell phones.

Each video is anywhere form 10 minutes to 30 minutes or so long. The file sizes range from 50mb to 500mb. Sites like these give you reason to pat yourself on the back for getting that high speed Internet connection.

Pics can be viewed in large and extra-large sizes. Dirty Pancake adds a new picture set and a new video on a weekly basis. She also writes diary entries and has an in depth biography.

Dirty Pancake is bi-sexual. While most of her updates are solo masturbation scenes she invites girlfriends over often and guys less frequently. There are currently 50 photo sets and 20 videos. As with most Asian models, Dirty Pancake likes to play dress up. Because of this her site crosses into many different niches. Schoolgirl, idol, cosplay, bikini, panties, pantyhose, unforms, etc…

As a special bonus you also get access to the bonus sites My Wife Jenny, Asian Pantiez and Girls Love Toys. None of the bonus sites are needed since Dirty Pancake is reason enough on her own to join.