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So I was chilling at work in the break room and notice several of my colleagues are huddled around a guy on a laptop. I go over there to check it out and the gallery above is what he has on his computer. He is going on and on about how taking trips to the Philippines is the next best thing since sliced bread.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why. This girl looks younger than most of the girls I dated back in high school. He claims they get even younger than this.

One of the guys says he can’t afford a trip to the Philippines and he can’t get that kind’a time away from his wife. Nor can he hide that kind’a expense from her neither.

For guys like him the answer was staring him right in the face. All he has to do is join Teen Filipina and he can watch all of the Asian handjobs he wants!

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Japanese Femdom Videos

Uh oh! Looks like Aiga is late again. She really should know better. Her boss Madoka is quite a bitch and a stickler when it comes to her employees and timeliness!

Madoka forces Aiga to wear a gag and soon has her way with her employee. These are the kinds of stories and plot lines you can expect from Japanese Femdom Videos.

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OCreampies – Shiho Kanou

Shiho Kanou Hot Japanese model gets into a gangbang

The reason I enjoy Asian sites is they go the extra mile. They do so on quality, amount of content and where that content takes you. OCreampies is every bit an extreme Asian site and Shiho Kanou is every bit an extreme performer!

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Thai Cuties – Rita Wong


What’s that, Rita? Kiss your ass?

Well… well.. well.. If I must!

Rita Wong has plenty of ass kissers following her around. With her rock hard body it isn’t hard to see why. Not to mention, her 36D tits make me want to cream in my jeans!

Thai Cuties is the ultimate place to find all of your favorite Thai porn actresses and pinup models. Rita Wong is an excellent specimen of what you can expect to find there!

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Idols69 – Nami


When you want true Japanese Adult Video porn you choose Idols 69 because they know how to do JAV right! Nami above is showing us just how dedicated Asian babes are when it comes to entertaining their male counterparts.

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Riko Tachibana


Believe it or not, it isn’t very hard to be considered tall in Japan. Standing a mere 5’6” Riko Tachibana is considered a very tall woman. This fact haunted her all her life until she became a JAV idol. As it turns out, finding tall JAV models is pretty damn hard so Riko Tachibana actually has had to turn down roles!

At the JSexNetwork you can watch over 30 videos of Riko Tachibana along with her several sets of glamour photos. Riko is most known for playing dominate females. Particularly she is known for her series of “Perverted Woman From Hell,” videos.

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Unseen Japan – Sora Aoi


One look at Sora Aoi and her thick, buttery, big boobs and it isn’t hard to understand why she is a sought after Japanese porn model.

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Tera Patrick


Born an army brat, Tera Patrick is half Thai and half all-American which makes her one hell of an exotic hottie! It’s strange. You can take a butt ugly white dude and pair him up with a beer-goggles Asian woman and the kids all end up looking like super models!

Tera Patrick has been a very busy woman. She has appeared in countless porn movies both for DVD and the Internet. (you mean there is a difference?) She has posed for Playboy and Penthouse. She was on the cover of FHM and produces Genesis magazine, “The Home of Porn’s Hottest Stars.”

When she isn’t appearing between the pages of a magazine or on screen taking a hard cock, Tera is keeping busy with appearances on the Howard Stern Show and Adam Carolla’s radio show. She appears in rap videos, does voice over work for naughty cartoons and does both a webcast of her own and Playboy TV’s erotic instructional show, School of Sex.

With so much going on with this Asian porn stars life you might be wondering, “When will this lady have time for me?”

The answer to that question is three to four times a week. She updates her site with new pics and at least two new videos every week. Plus, she does event appearances where you can meet her and take some naughty pics of your own!

Soon Tera Patrick will be doing live shows so you can get naughty with her on a weekly basis.

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Asian DVD Pass


So a friend of mine is into Asian sites and he asks me if I know how to get free porn. I say sure, go to a tube site and he says, “Dude, have you ever watched their videos? They are grainier than shit!”

Then I remember Asian DVD pass. They give you unrestricted access to their entire collection of Asian DVDs. There are no download limits and they have multiple servers throughout the world so your streams are glitch free and your downloads are lightning fast.

So what is the catch? There is no catch. They use your credit card to verify your age. That’s it! Just make sure while you are signing up to UNCHECK the pre-checked boxes at the bottom of the signup form.202

What are the boxes for? To sort of “silently” sell you memberships to other sites. I guess that is how they pay for the fact you are downloading a shitload of their porn with your Asian DVD Pass.

So there you have it. A perfectly legal way to get Asian DVD quality porn for free!



I know what you are thinking…

“Who does this little slut think she is? Get down on your knees, bitch!”

Oddly enough I was thinking the same thing too!

I went on an excursion to the Orient once and me and the guys flew over and stayed in a brothel hotel. You want to talk about good times? Hot girls of all ages doing anything you can think of. No stone is left unturned!

That is exactly the experience you get at JP18.com. With daily updates in seven different categories you almost feel overwhelmed by all of the choices you have. Just like on a real excursion it takes a few days to take it all in, but by the end of the week you are rocking and rolling to an Asian beat!

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Tia Ling – Asian Porn Star

Welcome to TiaLing.com her official Asian porn site! Tia Ling shares her sexual side with all of you. Inside the members area you will find 1000’s of pictures and hours of video featuring this smoking hot Asian porn star with her girlfriends and a few of my lucky guy friends!

Tia Ling knows what her fans like, hot XXX video updates every week of scenes with Blowjobs, Threesomes, group action,  Girl on Girl, Tia Ling has it all for us.

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I Love Thai Pussy

thai pussy
Guys, lets be honest. The reason Thailand is such a popular destination for American men is because we enjoy banging that Thai pussy. Most of us don’t have a few grand burning a hole in our pockets so a man named Klaus decided to bring that Thai pussy home with him for all to enjoy!

IloveThaiPussy.com is where Klaus’ sex tour lives on the web. A photo and video Exposé of his sexual exploits in Thailand.

Hot Thai babes like Candy above do anything and everything they can to please him (and you). These girls like to get freaky and the amazing thing is that freaky sex isn’t actually freaky to them. So many American men travel to Thailand to bang these Asian beauties that kinky sex acts have become the norm.

If you aren’t stuffing anal beads in a Thai girls ass she might thing you are a bit square!

I Love Thai Pussy updates four times a week with two new videos and photo sets. Most girls have more than a few of each.

Along with your membership to I Love Thai Pussy you get Klaus’ guide to the bar scene (read, strip clubs…) in Thailand and helpful tips on finding some of the hottest lays the country has to offer.

All members get lifetime access to the forum where members trade their insider information on booking and enjoying a Thailand vacation filled with Thai Pussy!

Even if you don’t use the info to actually fly over and bang a few broads you can always dream!

Isis Lee

Finally an Asian girl that knows why men go to the Pacific Rim for vacations sans the wife. Isis Lee just tapped into every man’s fantasy from the Orient.

Isis Lee is an ex-catholic schoolgirl with an exhibitionist steak. She has come to embrace her taboo side and has no qualms about posting it on the Internet for all to see. Hey, it’s not all bad! She is making a killing (money wise) doing it!

When it comes to Asian pussy I am kind of a stickler for it being white girl pink. I know… I know! I am a fucking pussy… Literally… I suck and I am not true to the Asian niche… What ever!

Isis Lee has one fine pink pussy. You can get a good look at it in the Isis Lee videos above. With her bald pussy and small boobs she really sets the banging a girl in Asia fantasy on fire!

Unlike most Asian solo models Isis Lee obviously does hardcore. There is a lot of softcore stuff in the pictures section too for those guys into the car show cuties look. Short mini’s covering butt floss sized gstrings… etc…

Isis updates her site weekly and does cam shows. You can contact her in her private message forum once you sign up. Imagine that. A 1 on 1 session with a porn star!

Idols69.net – Too Much Spooge

AV Idols Movie
What is a Japanese idol to do when she has too much cum in her mouth? Hold it in her hand until she is ready to swallow the rest of it! And that is why Japanese women make such good sex partners. Their commitment to service and getting the job done.

Just like Maho Sawami takes her job seriously, the folks at Idols69.net take their jobs seriously. Right off the bat their tour screams, "Attention to Detail!"

Imagine, 1000’s of uncensored DVD quality Asian videos at your finger tips. Adding to that huge archive of Asian porn is a nonstop onslaught of daily updates. No download limits and no digital rights management. You download it. You own it. It’s yours!

Idols 69 has a huge assortment of categorized porn waiting for you. Everything from the pics to the videos is sorted by model look, sexual niche, costume type and the models names. Finding that special someone doing that special something, wearing that special outfit with those big ol’titties is a snap!

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