I Love Thai Pussy

thai pussy
Guys, lets be honest. The reason Thailand is such a popular destination for American men is because we enjoy banging that Thai pussy. Most of us don’t have a few grand burning a hole in our pockets so a man named Klaus decided to bring that Thai pussy home with him for all to enjoy!

IloveThaiPussy.com is where Klaus’ sex tour lives on the web. A photo and video Exposé of his sexual exploits in Thailand.

Hot Thai babes like Candy above do anything and everything they can to please him (and you). These girls like to get freaky and the amazing thing is that freaky sex isn’t actually freaky to them. So many American men travel to Thailand to bang these Asian beauties that kinky sex acts have become the norm.

If you aren’t stuffing anal beads in a Thai girls ass she might thing you are a bit square!

I Love Thai Pussy updates four times a week with two new videos and photo sets. Most girls have more than a few of each.

Along with your membership to I Love Thai Pussy you get Klaus’ guide to the bar scene (read, strip clubs…) in Thailand and helpful tips on finding some of the hottest lays the country has to offer.

All members get lifetime access to the forum where members trade their insider information on booking and enjoying a Thailand vacation filled with Thai Pussy!

Even if you don’t use the info to actually fly over and bang a few broads you can always dream!

Isis Lee

Finally an Asian girl that knows why men go to the Pacific Rim for vacations sans the wife. Isis Lee just tapped into every man’s fantasy from the Orient.

Isis Lee is an ex-catholic schoolgirl with an exhibitionist steak. She has come to embrace her taboo side and has no qualms about posting it on the Internet for all to see. Hey, it’s not all bad! She is making a killing (money wise) doing it!

When it comes to Asian pussy I am kind of a stickler for it being white girl pink. I know… I know! I am a fucking pussy… Literally… I suck and I am not true to the Asian niche… What ever!

Isis Lee has one fine pink pussy. You can get a good look at it in the Isis Lee videos above. With her bald pussy and small boobs she really sets the banging a girl in Asia fantasy on fire!

Unlike most Asian solo models Isis Lee obviously does hardcore. There is a lot of softcore stuff in the pictures section too for those guys into the car show cuties look. Short mini’s covering butt floss sized gstrings… etc…

Isis updates her site weekly and does cam shows. You can contact her in her private message forum once you sign up. Imagine that. A 1 on 1 session with a porn star!

Idols69.net – Too Much Spooge

AV Idols Movie
What is a Japanese idol to do when she has too much cum in her mouth? Hold it in her hand until she is ready to swallow the rest of it! And that is why Japanese women make such good sex partners. Their commitment to service and getting the job done.

Just like Maho Sawami takes her job seriously, the folks at Idols69.net take their jobs seriously. Right off the bat their tour screams, "Attention to Detail!"

Imagine, 1000’s of uncensored DVD quality Asian videos at your finger tips. Adding to that huge archive of Asian porn is a nonstop onslaught of daily updates. No download limits and no digital rights management. You download it. You own it. It’s yours!

Idols 69 has a huge assortment of categorized porn waiting for you. Everything from the pics to the videos is sorted by model look, sexual niche, costume type and the models names. Finding that special someone doing that special something, wearing that special outfit with those big ol’titties is a snap!

Sure you could probably find similar content on several different web sites and spend days trying to find the perfect video or picture set but why when you can get it all right now? If you still need time to decide take the $2.95 Idols69 2-day trial. If you decide to cancel you can do so online without having to make an embarrassing phone call.

The Net + Idols 69 = Sexy, Convenient, Hardcore Asian Porn!

Maria Ozawa

An AV Idol from mixed races Maria Ozawa has a beauty that is undeniably exotic. Her mother is Japanese and her father is French-Canadian. Her body is a perfect blend of Japanese curves in Anglo sizes.

Maria Ozawa became interested in sex early on and bought herself the book of sexual positions. She mastered them all and started her AV career in 2005. Only three short years later she is one of the top searched for AV models of all time!

Along with adult video success Maria has enjoyed much success in the mainstream market too. She has appeared on Japanese MTV and in the videos of hip hop musicians.

You can watch Maria Ozawa’s videos and the videos of hundreds more actresses on the JSex Network. The JSexNetwork is a one top shop for all things Japanese from glamour to the most intensely hardcore. The JSex Network updates multiple times daily and is so big that you will spend all of your free time exploring what they already have and often forget about the updates!

Caribbeancom – JAV Extreme!

If that isn’t a reason to turn Japanese I don’t know what is. The people at Caribbeancom make Japanese Adult Videos of many different Asian theme niches. Any fan of JAV will instantly fall in love with the quality and quantity this site offers.

Sure there are dozens of dogs at Caribbeancom, but there are also literally 100’s of hot Japanese porn stars. I had no idea Japan had such a thriving porn star industry. For such a small collection of islands the girls at Caribbeancom are pretty diverse.

The Japanese cutie above is Hikaru Houduki. There are six videos at Caribbeancom featuring her. Each one covers a different niche and the largest is 1.45GBs! I hope you have a fiber optic Internet connection like I do because this site almost demands it! Her smallest movie is still quite large at 622MBs.

Each video at Caribbeancom can be downloaded or streamed. You can choose a lower quality stream if you are on DSL or cable. Files can also be viewed in 10 to 15 minute chunks and each chunk comes with several preview thumbs so you can skip to the good parts. Nice!

The categories are too numerous to list here but include the ever popular Japanese schoolgirls, Titty Fuck, Cum Swallowing, Insult, Gangbang, Costume Play, Golden Shower, Shaved Pussy and many, many more.

In all there are over 2,900 full length videos to watch and/or download. Each movie is rated by the members so you can find the cream of the crop pretty quick and steer clear of the dogs without missing a beat.

When the Rhino wants real Japanese porn he finds it at Caribbeancom.com!



JP18.com has one goal, to deliver the best Asian content on the Internet and do so on a daily basis. That is right, I said daily. A membership to JP18 means never having to wait a week for an update. A high quality update. How great is the quality? Read on and find out.

To get a feel for the insane amount of love and dedication these guys and gals put into capturing every movie you really need to have a password. But if you don’t have one you can click the image above and watch a lower quality, smaller sized clip of an Asian girl blowing cock and you will still have your socks blown off.

Those socks are coming off because; 1) you need a place to blow your load and 2) you are going to be blown away when you see how clear even the lower quality videos are in the gallery! You can get more free videos on the tour. Dozens more of them.

Check out JP18.com and see why they have more members then all of their competition combined!

Mr Chews


If you haven’t heard of Mr Chews Asian Beaver you must be living under a rock. For the past four and a half years Mr Chews has been cranking out videos of the Industries hottest Asians like Heather Havoc above. Sure it is the watered down American version but isn’t everything these days?

The strongest reason for having a Mr Chews Asian Beaver password is that the girls are from all over the Pacific Rim. This is no one trick pony. You get Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Malaysian, Filipino and everything else under the sun.

Another big reason to get your pass is that these girls do hardcore. Most picture sets and videos at Mr Chews begin with the girls only. Often there is an interview where you get to hear the girls Asian accent. Then things go hardcore and Mr Chew has his way with her.

Along with Mr Chews Asian Beaver you also get access to nineteen more sites. Each site in the network has content shot exclusively for that site. Several niches are covered ranging from Asians to Squirting!

View the free MrChewsAsianBeaver.com videos on the tour pages. The quality is amazing and the trial price is a good way to sample even further!

Asian Baby Makers


Sure, it looks painful but trust me… Asian babes like getting piped from the back. Seriously, they live for this shit.

Take Bee above. She enjoys getting pumped with your sperm. She likes it so much she made some videos of herself getting crammed with spooge. Being a Thai teen Bee has a fertile Asian pussy just waiting for you to unload in her.

Each week incredibly horny Asian Baby Makers receive a cream pie. Everything is shot in HD so the only thing missing is you!

Join now and you get Bangkok Street Whores for free. You don’t even need to leave your computer room to experience all that the orient has to offer now’a’days!

Teens From Tokyo

Asian girl in bath sex

One of the best qualities Japanese teens have is that they look young seemingly forever. A girl can hit twenty-five and still look like an eighteen year old.

Possessing this quality means the young ones look even younger. This Japanese girl reminds me of my first bath with a girl after figuring out what sex is.

Episodes at Teens From Tokyo include lots of Cosplpay (uniforms and costumes) including Sailor Moon.

Teens From Tokyo is 100% Japanese beauties doing hardcore. The site is updated weekly with new DVD quality uncut and uncensored Japanese sex videos. File sizes vary and everything is downloadable so you can enjoy it when ever you want. Even after your membership expires!

G-Queen – Japanese Girls Kissing

It has been said that girls know how to excite girls the best and from what I have seen here at G-Queen I am inclined to believe it.

Watching hot teens kissing is great. Watching Japanese girls kissing is the icing on the cake. Two girls who’s lives are dedicated to the service of others, servicing each other! Totally worth the price of admission.

G-Queen finds the hottest Japanese teens and either shaves or waxes their pussies bare. Then they play with them in devious ways only a pervert could dream up.

Some girls have lesbian scenes and others go solo. Even going solo isn’t totally solo because a finger explores her shaved pussy in point of view style. You really get a sense that you are the perverted guy doing “things” to her.

Things can include rubbing her nubile pussy, using vibrators, spanking her pussy and more. You name it and G-Queen is doing it. Pretty crazy really!