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To be born Japanese and busty is a lucky draw most women would not wish on their neighbor. Why? Because busty girls in Asian countries have only one form of work they will ever excel at. They will become dirty cock whores with a need to get a bukkake facial at the end of every sexual act.

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When you browse free Asian porn videos looking for something to wank to, do you end up looking at the cute Asian girls? Do you like how they always seem so submissive and willing to do whatever it takes to pleasure the guys?

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What is it about plumpness that drives our libidos wild? I have some theories on the subject. It could be that our instincts tell us that more is more. When it comes to plump chicks there is a lot more for us to take in. We start devising ways to tackle the subject. Should we start with her juicy juggs or should we hit it from the back and rub some oil into her wide ass? Plumpness is no indicator of what a girls vagina is going to look like. It could be a cleft of Venus or a pastrami sandwich. The possibilities!

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I grew up in a small town in the middle of America. We had like three or four Mexican kids, one African-American and one Asian boy in our school. The idea of banging Asian girls never really occurred to me. It wasn’t until I went to high school and had a Korean teacher that looked like she was a student that I started wondering what it would be like to sink your cock into some Asian teens pussy.

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What is it about Asian women that make them so fucking perfect for uniforms? You can put an American girl in a nurse uniform and it is okay. Put an Asian girl into the same get up and she is instant hot fuck-bait. They also seem to enjoy donning costumes and uniforms a bit more than American girls do. What is up with that?

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I used to love to do this with my girlfriends. Only I didn’t have a video camera back in those days. Well, I did, but it was a VHS camera and those tapes all got worn the fuck out. Totally sucks too, because those tapes were fucking awesome.

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When ever I read Asian porn site reviews I am disappointed because it seems the owner is more interested in selling me any porn site, more than they are interested in actually doing good quality reviews. You can tell when you are on one of those kinds of sites because it seems every site is 95+ out of 100.

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