Oriental Orgy – Niya Yu


Ok, I am guilty of bashing sights like Oriental Orgy.  Not so much bashing, but saying that I like reality because point blank, there is no way in hell I could ever bang Niya Yu. 

Niya Yu is a sweet and sexy Asian Teen is, but at Oriental Orgy it gets even better.  Watch this sexy little teen get fucked, Oriental Orgy takes it that extra measure that makes me rethink that reality is best. 

So go check out Oriental Orgy and see these beautiful girls not only show their sexy bodies, but have sex for our pleasure.

Me and My Asian – High School Teen


  I’ve been looking at porn for quite sometime, and I like most people in the world I like a beautiful woman.  Especially Asian Teens, but looking at sights with doctored  up photos becomes old.  I sure don’t understand it myself, someone tell me how looking at perfect Asian Teens gets old, but since there is the zero to no chance that you would ever be able to actually fuck an Asian Teen that hot the reality overcomes the fantasy. 

  I believe that the harsh reality that you will never bang one of these Asian Teens, and that you are stuck with the pig next to you will break even the strongest spirit.  That is where the reality part comes in and the reason why sites like Me an My Asian are becoming more popular than the traditional sites.  It has pictures of your neighbor, your neighbors daughter, the chick at Star Bucks.  In other words, more chicks you won’t bang but you at least see them in person and the belief that you could get them drunk or high and get lucky is back in play.    

  So if you are ready to experience pictures and movies  of real girls and not doctored up plastic dolls, then go to Me and My Asian and enjoy having sex with that hog you sleep with every night again.  Who knows, maybe you will see your neighbors daughter and have something to hold over her, you don’t want you daddy to know do you is a good opener to get what you want.

Yua Aida


Ever jacked off for a girl before? I met a girl back in school that was a foreign exchange student from Japan. Totally hot. She was petite, had perfect little boobies and a muff that just wouldn’t quit!

One night we were at a party and getting sauced. I could tell she was into me so I invited her into one of the empty bedrooms and locked the door. I have to admit, I was curious about what she looked like naked. Were Japanese girls the same as American girls? Only one way to find out!

As she stripped off her clothes she stood on the bed above me and did a teasing dance. While most girls are asking to have the lights turned off this girl was displaying herself for me! I caught the yellow fever hard that night!

After dancing for several minutes she kind of kicked my dick like she wanted me to do something with it. Not a hard kick. More of a knock. I grabbed it and she smiled real big. Did she want me to put on a show for her too?

Ever since then I have always enjoyed photos like this one of Yua Aida. They bring me back to some really good times!

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Japanese Cosplay – Airi Meiri


Japanese girls are fucking sweet. They look great, they have tight pussies and they will do just about anything you want them too. So accommodating!

One thing they really love doing is playing dress up. In Japan the term for sexually based dress up games is Cosplay. Or costume play. Japanese Cosplay takes the whole thing to new heights!

Asian idols like Airi Meiri and her friend look too cute in their made uniforms. Japanese Cosplay has hundreds of Cosplay videos and give you access to the entire Idols 69 network of Asian porn sites!

Miho Imamura


There is a reason American guys enjoy Asian girls like Miho Imamura and it isn’t because of their focused driving instincts. We like their petiteness, their submissiveness, their desire to fulfill all of our deepest desires!

The Japanese capitalize on the needs of dirty old men with the ultimate answer, Japanese idols. Girls and women that play their youth against your perverseness. It’s a torrid game we don’t mind losing! A trade deficit worth its weight in gold!

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With hundreds of Japanese idols and plenty of idols from other nations around the Pacific you will be hard pressed to find a more complete place to park your perversions!

Idols 69 – Aki Kurosawa


You know a site kicks ass when the owners take the time to name it something ingenious. Idols 69… You take the best part of Japanese porn and you add a #69 to it. Fucking so simple and elegant it blows your mind… and your cock!

Aki Kurosawa is just one of hundreds of Japanese idols in the Idols 69 collection. They add entire DVD’s, not just clips, and they do it by the hundreds! Each model has several hardcore DVD’s along with softcore photos and videos that will melt your heart, as well as, your mind!



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Saori Hara


We have a search feature to the right and when I run out of girls to talk about I scan the results of searches that didn’t pan out. Today I chose Saori Hara and its easy to see why someone else did too!

Saori Hara is also known by the name Mai Nanami. For a Japanese AV idol she has some big titties with sunny-side up nipples. You don’t find many Asian teens this stacked!

Saori started out as a junior idol and has many television appearances, has both written and sang songs, and has appeared in films. In 2008 she started getting offers for gravure work (Japanese Playboy-style stuff). She bit on an offer and hasn’t looked back since.

Yes Movies has quite a few videos and photo sets of Saori Hara and hundreds of other Japanese AV idols! They have been in the game for eight years and have created a huge cache of Japanese porn along with Chinese and other Asian nationalities thrown in for good measure.

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G-Queen : Peeing and Panties


Japanese porn is well known for its women, their hairy bushes and their willingness to do just about anything to please their viewers. At G-Queen they do things a little differently… They focus on Japanese girls without the hair!

When you remove the hair you end up with a vast assortment of camel toe pics and videos featuring that beautiful cleft of Venus. Sometimes you can’t make out what is underneath those white cotton panties Japanese girls seem to love so much and its time to get those panties wet!

G-Queen features hundreds of videos and dozens of techniques for wetting a girls panties. Some of them include soaking them with baby oil, immersing them in a bathtub of water, vibrating a girls clit until her juices soak through and my own personal favorite, giving her enough soda pop she can’t hold back her pee!

Hey, this is Japanese porn! You need to expect the unexpected here. G-Queen delivers and they always hit the mark. You are challenged to broaden your pallet, encouraged to push the envelope. Tired of the same old, same ole? So was G-Queen! No go out and get her!

My Cute Asian – Bangin Cutie


Remember these days, banging some nice looking little Asian teen on your parents, or any teen for that matter.  You felt like you were the king of the world.  I told My Cute Asian teen partner that my parents would be gone for a while, little did i know they forgot something.

It is by far one of the most awkward and awesome experiences at the time. Your mom caught you fucking a cute Asian teen on the couch, 2 weeks straight of over cleaning that spot you were on was her therapy.  My dad looked at My Cute Asian and was both excited because he now has the visual confirmation that you are not gay, but he also got a new visual to get him through those coming days of banging your mom.  My mom thought Soon Ye was just some pet name my day came up with.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her…    

So now that the folks caught us she is too embarrassed to look at your mom and your dad has become sort of a stalker, always trying to catch me undressing My Cute Asian friend.  So then it’s over, she can’t handle it no more…  So what do you do now? Being that I am no longer the young chiseled young man I once was, I go to My Cute Asian and have now given my chick a new pet name “Cum Soon”.  See you there.

Hot Teen Asian – Achara


Don’t ask why, but I all of a sudden feel like making a salad.  I wonder of Achara needs some help slicing that cucumber.  She is one Hot Asian Teen  and I would love to offer her something other than a cucumber.

Achara is a nasty innocent, her face and petitte body look of an innocent Hot Asian Teen.  But that tattoo on her titty says fuck me with your cucumber man beast.  Ho did she know they had to surgically replace my cock with that of a horse…  Spooky…

Anyway Hot Teen Asian has been recently revamped and I for one could not be happier.  So go check out their new site since it is nothing like the old site and spank away, Achara is waiting for you to bite her cucumber.

Oriental Orgy – Soolin Angry Dragon

Catch all the Filthy Action!

Soolin reminds me of this American –Korean chick I was banging when I was stationed in Korea.  She was from Texas and her parents returned to Korea when her dad retured from the military.  So thank you Oriental Orgy, I have had a lot of good memories and Soo Young not Soolin, so know I will be able to images to those private intimate memories.

Oriental Orgy has women from all over the pacific, I for one don’t care what the origin is.  I just loves me some Oriental, but be careful calling an Asian woman Oriental they might tell you they are not a rug.  True story.

So if you are a fan of Asian sushi as I am, go visit Soolin at Oriental Orgy, your alone time will be more pleasurable.