G-Queen : Peeing and Panties


Japanese porn is well known for its women, their hairy bushes and their willingness to do just about anything to please their viewers. At G-Queen they do things a little differently… They focus on Japanese girls without the hair!

When you remove the hair you end up with a vast assortment of camel toe pics and videos featuring that beautiful cleft of Venus. Sometimes you can’t make out what is underneath those white cotton panties Japanese girls seem to love so much and its time to get those panties wet!

G-Queen features hundreds of videos and dozens of techniques for wetting a girls panties. Some of them include soaking them with baby oil, immersing them in a bathtub of water, vibrating a girls clit until her juices soak through and my own personal favorite, giving her enough soda pop she can’t hold back her pee!

Hey, this is Japanese porn! You need to expect the unexpected here. G-Queen delivers and they always hit the mark. You are challenged to broaden your pallet, encouraged to push the envelope. Tired of the same old, same ole? So was G-Queen! No go out and get her!